Finally, you can tell your kids to monkey around in the kitchen and
feel good about it!

Introducing... The First Raw Food Recipe Book for Kids!

(Easy Raw Food Recipes That Taste Great and Are Fun to Make!)

Dear Mom,

You've had a rough day—the kind that leaves you feeling like you're the flat tire on a minivan that just won't go. You have meetings, so Dad's in charge until supper time.

You arrive home frazzled, but ready for another evening's routine of supper, tubs, scrubs and pajamas.

You enter the kitchen and take a step back because…

...the table is already set.

Standing before you are two munchkins beaming with pride. They hand you this:
Children's Raw Menu

While the carrots are cut a bit rough and the kitchen mess might be more than you bargained for, the beam in the eye of the ones you love most is enough to melt your multi-tasking heart.

All those gentle reminders to eat your greens paid off, Mom.

It's a picture-perfect moment, and not one you'll need to leave to dreaming for long.

Monkey Mike!

Meet Monkey Mike:

He's the new maître d' at your house and he's going to get the kids inspired and excited about eating more fresh foods! Having grown up in the jungles of childhood fairy tales, Monkey Mike is the perfect companion for your child's discovery of fresh, healthy food preparation. Being a vegetarian raw foodist himself, you can be sure he'll choose the best foods for ingredients in his recipes, too.

These days, school lunch boxes are packed with more than just a sandwich and a crisp, juicy apple. There are refined blood sugar boosters, hydrolyzed pesticides, hydrogenated herbicides and artificially colored artery blockers!

I don't mean to be dramatic, but have you noticed that the incidence of food allergies, asthma, ADD, child-onset diabetes and obesity are on the rise?

We've got to get back to the basics and get our kids eating more good ol' fashion fruit and vegetables in their diets.

I mean A LOT more fruits and veggies!!


Monkey Mike's Raw Food Kitchen!
The First Ever Un-Cookbook for Kids!

Monkey Mike!

Meet Joanne, Arabella and Evangeline:

Joanne NewellJoanne is the clever mama who wrote the book and tested and tested and tested the recipes. Her girls, Arabella and Evangeline, were the inspiration behind it. Joanne is law of attraction life coach (at, and the author of two other children's recipe books called I'm Hungry, Let's Cook! and I'm Hungry, Let's Grow It! (an organic gardening and recipe book for families). After she rediscovered the amazing taste and power of raw foods in 2007, she hunted for a raw-food recipe book for Evie and Bella, but realized there wasn't one! So she set about creating it...

Watch Joanne here as she tells all about this new recipe book:

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The best way to get your kids eating healthy food is to inspire, educate & ignite their interest!

Forcing children to eat well only creates rebellion in the long run. With more than 140 pages, 36 recipes, and countless creative illustrations, you've got everything you need to get your kids excited, inspired and empowered about choosing healthy recipes like these ones:

  • Cat's Meow Chocolate Pudding
  • Chunky Monkey Ice Cream
  • Froggy Delight Green Smoothie
  • Alien Slime Smoothie
  • Walnut Creek Dip

The book is peppered with creative food facts, activities, a word search, jigsaw puzzle, and a coloring page, too!

When the information comes from someone other than "Mom" it's easier to receive. Let Monkey Mike guide them through the pages of their new un-cookbook, while you sit back and take pictures! They'll be learning the fundamentals of healthy nutrition and having a great time doing it!

No more spilled milk or burned toast!!

With Monkey Mike on the scene, all these recipes are guaranteed to be:

  • dairy free
  • gluten free
  • vegan
  • 100% raw
  • good for growing bodies and brains!

FACT: It's been proven that Kids are more likely to eat the foods they helped prepare!

The sense of pride and accomplishment your munchkins will feel after following the instructions for "Breakfast in Bed with Mom" is only matched by the glowing satisfaction of having served a mouth-watering meal with style.

This is a book for them,
but the recipes are so good,
you'll be asking to borrow it.

Here's why Monkey Mike's Raw Food Kitchen is not just another recipe book, but a road map to your child's health:

  • Introduction and special message to parents.
  • Written specially for seven- to 12-year-old kids.
  • Easy-to-find ingredients.
  • Clear illustrations for every tool and ingredient in the book! (Even though it's designed for children ages seven to 12, younger ones can follow along with the illustrations!

Meet Jason, Sebastian & Mika:

seb-jason-mika-2Jason is the dude that did the drawings. His two muffins, Mika and Sebastian, helped inspire the clever creatures you'll see throughout the book. Using vibrant illustrations for every ingredient and equipment item, children of all ages are inspired, informed and clearly able to follow recipe methods with confidence and minimal supervision!

A peek inside...

Here's more of what sets this book apart from the rest:

  • Clear recipe categories like:
    • "Smoothies, Milkshakes & Juices"
    • "Salads & Dressings"
    • "Sweet Snacks"
    • "Savory Snacks"
    • "Desserts & Puddings" too!
  • Great for homeschoolers and loaded with activities and interesting facts about food.
  • Blank workbook pages with suggestions where kids can invent their own recipes and concoctions.
  • Educational sections providing more information like:
    • Step-by-step instructions for making mom breakfast in bed
    • An introduction to green smoothies
    • How to grow their very own sprout garden
    • How to create still-life food art and more!!
  • All recipes have been tested, tested and tested again! They are 100% mom approved!!

We want to give your kids the best chance of their recipes turning out beautifully. If you buy fresh, ripe fruits and vegetables in season, you're sure to get ribbon-worthy winners every time.

When kids experience success in the kitchen, they're encouraged to try again! That is vital to inspiring their interest in healthy foods and healthy living.

Remember: When the food tastes great,
Dad gets on the healthy bandwagon, too!

I haven't been in a hurry to print your book out and give it to my son because he is anti-raw, anti-vegetable, and anti-fruit. So no matter how great I thought this book seemed, I didn't have any higher hopes that my son would find any kind of interest in it whatsoever.

Which is why I was blown away when I finally did give it to him today, on Mother's Day, and he was excited! He had been watching me sorting through the pages, and actually said "Monkey Mike? Seriously. Where do you get this stuff, Mom?". (My son will be ten next week.) He had thought that it was a book for me, to give me inspiration on what to make for him (since he saw the key word RAW). But when he realized that the book was for HIM he got interested. He loves the names of the recipes. He loves the illustrations. I had thought it might be a little too "childish" for him, but no. LOVES it all.

The first thing he made was the Alien Slime Smoothie. The one thing raw that I have been able to convince him to have is green smoothies daily. So this being no stranger to him, he dug right in. And really liked the smoothie! Next we created our own recipe (brilliant idea, we will print up more blank pages for that) of the smoothie he usually drinks, which we named "Yo-Mama Smoothie Supreme", since I created it. We illustrated ingredients and equipment necessary together and had a blast. To top it off he made the vanilla cashew creme, which we had for dessert with strawberries. As he has seen me do countless times he himself wrote onto the recipes an alteration we did (we used collard greens instead of Swiss chard since we didn't have it for the smoothie) and he wrote how he liked both the smoothie and the vanilla creme. He has also done the maze etc. and we have colored together in the recipe book.

I cannot tell you how ecstatic I am to have my son try raw food. I have told him that this will be like any other recipe book – he will like some recipes and not like others. If he doesn't like what he makes, he doesn't have to eat it, as long as he tries it, and we will just make a note of that he didn't really care for it for future reference. It is a joy to see him ingest anything green, and pure pleasure to create uncooked recipes together in the kitchen. And to have him (as well as myself) have a blast doing it!

You are a genius! Thank you so much!!!

Kerstin Pichon

I wanted to say that I absolutely LOVE this un-cookbook. My kids are a little young to be using it by themselves at this point, but I've certainly been having fun with the recipes. I can't keep my hands off it! I'm quite impressed with how kid-friendly the recipes are, and how attractively the book is laid out. I'm so impressed.

Lola O'Brien, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Monkey Mike is so cool, it's chock full of fun recipes and activities. Me and my friend Natalie had a dinner party with the recipes and we had a blast making the food, and the guests loved the food. I loved the raw banana splits!

Dylan age 9, Massachusetts, USA



Sapna FliednerWe printed out the Mike book and put it in a lovely green binder, complete with page protectors. My daughter did this! I am excited to use this kid-friendly manual for raw food!! I have not seen this ever in a bookstore. My daughter does help me with regular raw recipes but this kid-friendly one is rare. She loves making and cooking her own concoctions, so she is really excited to make raw recipes on her own.

My children looked through the book and immediately were excited to make the strawberry ice lollies. They read it once before going to the store and knew that they needed to buy 2 packs of strawberries as the recipe called for 20 strawberries. My 5-year-old counted and sorted as my 8-year-old "directed". Eight hours later it was ready and they were so excited that they made it completely themselves. ( I only poured the concoction from the Vita-mix into the lolly molds.) Later, my oldest asked me if I liked cooking. I answered "yes, but I get a little tired and it would be nice to have a break once in a while". She said, "Don't worry, I'll cook for you and daddy"!

Thank you for an amazing raw book made for children to follow, thus creating independence!!

Sapna Fliedner

Here are a few more features about the first ever Un-cookbook for kids:

Environmentally friendly download options because it's an e-book – view onscreen, or print out double-page spreads on single pages, or print out a single-page version (the latter great for inserting in plastic sleeves and popping into a four-ring, 1-inch (2.5cm)-capacity ring binder – can then be propped up in a recipe-book holder).

Printer-friendly! – We've been careful and conscientious about our use of color to help conserve printer ink and toner.

No pictures, please. While normally this would be a disappointment for a recipe book, we want to make sure your child has room for creative expression. This is a kid's book. To take off the pressure of comparing their decorative skill to someone else's, we felt it best not to include pro photos of a perfect "finished result" for each recipe. Instead, we've scattered vibrant, inspiring, cheerful illustrations throughout the entire book.

At the rate of change we've observed over the last decade alone, just feeding our kids healthy food isn't enough, anymore. We've got to serve up a healthy dose of education and inspiration if we want our children empowered and making healthy choices on their own.

Your children's food choices now affect their health,
longevity and happiness for a long time to come!

Cyndi 0'MearaJoanne Newell has a passion for food and health. These two words are synonymous. Health is determined by what you eat, and more importantly by what you eat when you are growing up. The foundations are set when we are young, so what you feed your children, but more importantly what you teach your children about healthy eating, is imperative for a healthy life. Having said that, there is so much conflict around food and nutrition. One minute we are told low fat, high carbohydrates, then it is high protein, high fat. People are confused and cajoled by false advertising, and as a result we have a nation of very sick, overweight children and adults. Forty-one percent of children are now sick and have life long illnesses, including autism, allergies, asthma, and obesity to name a few. This ill health has a direct link to the industrialised food and chemicals that children are exposed to on a daily basis.

Joanne's first book, I'm Hungry, Let's Cook!: Fun Food for Aussie Kids, and her new e-book, Monkey Mike's Raw Food Kitchen: An Un-Cookbook for Kids!, are a breath of fresh air – full of easy, fun recipes and valuable information for all family members. They are imperative teaching tools in a healthy kitchen. Her common-sense approach to eating real food is exciting in an age where families have lost their way. Everything on the supermarket shelf is packaged with additives, preservatives, flavourings, colourings, hydrogenated vegetable oils, modified milks, soy products, man made and artificial sweeteners…the list is endless and very scary. These foods may be edible but they are making you sick.

It's time for a revolution in eating – back to the basics, back to teaching our children not only how to eat healthily but to create food with basic ingredients, instead of from packages. Joanne's e-book Monkey Mike's Raw Food Kitchen: An Un-Cookbook for Kids! is a must; it's a fun and different way of teaching children how to un-cook.

Congratulations Joanne, I love it!

Cyndi O'Meara
Nutritionist, Health Advocate, Best Selling Author, International Speaker and Mum!

Janet RoweHello, my name is Janet Rowe and I have had the pleasure of publishing some of Joanne's earlier work in a children's book called I'm Hungry, Let's Cook! which has been very popular. In fact, it's been so successful that we are publishing a second book entitled I'm Hungry, Let's Grow it! This book will be aimed at families rather than children, and will encourage the whole family to produce food that they can cook in their kitchen.

Monkey Mike's Raw Food Kitchen is a fantastic idea for an on-line book. It is packed with delicious, healthy and easy-to-follow recipes. It's also fun and informative, with lots of useful tips – and you can print out as much or as little as you like!

Janet Rowe
Publisher, The Five Mile Press

The moments you create now with your children will help determine the choices they make in the future.

Money for Children

You're not just investing in another recipe book to add to your electronic collection. You're investing in the health, well-being and education of your child. These are investments that pay off dividends in the form of an exceptional quality of life for you and for your kids!

Eco Bonus: Save $5 and put it in their pocket!

If we were to have printed this book on paper, it would have cost closer to $24.95! Since you'll be getting the Eco-version, we think you should save $5 to put in your little tiger's pocket to take them shopping for the ingredients in their new recipe book!

Order Monkey Mike's Raw Food Kitchen: An Un-cookbook for Kids Today and you'll also receive this Bonus Teleseminar FREE:

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shannon and familyShannon Leone, creator of the DVD Raising Children, Raises Us, and the e-book The Healthy Lunchbox, shares her best tricks and lifestyle tips for moms. These words of wisdom from an experienced "raw mom" are just want you need to feel confident and supported when introducing more fresh foods into your family's diet.


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Tera Warner

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