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[TOOTH Summit] Dr. Gary Fortinsky Fills in the Gaps of Our TOOTH Summit 

When you’re missing information about a subject that is riddled with confusion finding answers or even the courage to ask the right questions isn’t always easy. Some bite their tongue and hold their breath, but others aren’t afraid to ruffle feathers or rock boats in the interest of getting more answers, and bringing more facts to the table.

. Gary Fortinsky is a feather-ruffler. He first joined our TOOTH Summit as a guest, then frustrated with what he felt were too many areas of “black and white” reached out to write me a letter about it. Inspired by his commitment to educating clients, and his passion for a truly holistic form of dentistry, I invited Dr. Fortinsky to join us.

He took a lot of notes and had a great deal to share. Even though this was our longest interview, we still just touched the surface. I hope this call inspires you to keep asking questions and getting the answers that feel best for your body and your unique situation.

About Dr. Fortinsky

Dr. Gary Fortinsky graduated from the University of Toronto in 1992. His interest in alternative practices began in dental school where he studied acupuncture with a certified acupuncturist and continued further studies with the Acupuncture Foundation of Canada.

His interest in amalgam controversy also began in dental school, where he first questioned the implications of long term mercury exposure. As a result of extensive research, Dr. Fortinsky decided to cease the use of amalgam in his practice.

Dr. Fortinsky obtained a specialty degree in homeopathic medicine at the Canadian Academy of Homeopathy and achieved certification as a Registered Craniosacral Therapist from the Institute of Complementary Therapies.

As a result of his varied experience in the dental profession, Dr. Fortinsky treats patients of all ages and welcomes inquiries from individuals regarding the practice philosophy or types of treatment rendered. You can visit Dr. Fortinsky’s website here.

Dr. Gary’s Wish:

The wonderful thing of life is that we can continue to learn and grow and we will never know where we will be next. The surprises may make you question everything you trusted in the past. If you are too comfortable where you are, then you have stopped developing. This is what my professional and personal life has been like the past 25 years. I always wonder where I will end up next. Just when you think you understand a patient, life will present something to you that will question your approach to health. This is where I am now.

In This Call, You’ll Learn:

  • Some compelling cases that prove black or white isn’t always the best way to approach things.
  • How  Dr. Fortinsky avoids using antibiotics to treat his clients, and what he does instead.
  • That biggest barrier to learning is also why chances are good your dentist/doctor doesn’t have all the information you need!
  • Why there’s a very good chance your dentist simply isn’t interested in holistic health care practices, and so may not be informed about them. (It’s not that they don’t work, or are not valid!)
  • The exact question to ask your health care practitioner to find out how much they do/do not know about certain issues that are concerning you.
  • The research that shatters “black and white” issues around nutrition so you can make sure you have the best nutritional and supplementation practices for YOUR body.
  • How to find out what your options are so you make the best choice for you, your body, your situation.
  • How Tera caved to the intimidation of an oral surgeon, the consequences of doing so and why it happened (so you can avoid it and do a better job sticking up for yourself if you need to).
  • Dr. Fortinsky has been studying, even teaching, Dental Homeopathy for over 22 years, with incredible research and results, and yet when other practitioners are invited to learn more, no one comes.
  • Why Dr. Fortinsky’s article in the Oral Health Journal on Cranio-sacrial therapy, acupuncture and homeopathy in dental practice had no response. 
  • What can we understand from the work and research of Dr. Westin Price and why he said “the vegetarians are just as defective as everyone else.”
  • The work of “Pottenger’s cats” and what was discovered about the effect of diet and the degeneration of health over generations–and why this information is vital to understand NOW and as quickly as possible in order to improve the health of future generations.

PSSST! After Dr. Fortinsky hung up with me, he shared with me (off the record) his involvement with some therapy in the area of oral posture – breathing, swallowing and mouth placement that have been responsible for reversing so many medical health conditions. I promise to bring him back and talk more about these issues with us soon!! 


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