We learned first aid and fire drills, but NOBODY prepared us for the fact that 
a reported 1 in 4 women will be the victim of a physical or sexual assault!

When A Woman Is Attacked by a Man Twice Her Size,
It's Like Pitting an Unarmed Man
Against a Wild Gorilla.

The Poor Man Doesn't Stand a Chance!

Most self-defense schools teach man-to-man combat in a controlled environment. Learning the secrets of Women's Self-Defense is the best insurance you'll never need to use them.

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From the desk of Tera Warner

Laurentian forest, Quebec, Canada

secrets of self-defense for womenDear Woman Who Values Her Life & Personal Safety,

A reported one in four women will be the victim of a physical or sexual assault in her lifetime. And those are just the reported cases. Countless more incidents go unreported every day.. While we could engage in a philosophical discussion about "why" this is the case, the facts are that women are simply ill-prepared and poorly equipped to hande these scenarios.

Talking about incidents of rape and physical violence are anything but comfortable, but that's exactly why no one is talking about them. The problem with that is...

You Cannot Control or Change the Things
You're Not Willing to Comfortably Face

You're by nature kind, generous attentive and good-willed. You don't want to make a fuss or be impolite to strangers, but this is exactly the behavior that makes you a suitable target for attack. That, and your pony tail! (More on that in the course!)

What if you could learn to a few essentials about your personal conduct that make you a target for attack without knowing it?  What if you could learn to understand how to handle danger before it strikes so that it never does!

This call is about facing fears and even just learning to recognized them. Teja tells us how liberating it is to be free from the tiny voices in your head that whisper constant alerts. She tells us how to figure out which ones to pay attention to and which ones to let go.

Teja is re-inventing the whole concept of self defense as a way to empower women from the inside out! She sees self defense as Protective Offense! A way to live life free of fear, clear out your head and take control! She also teaches us to teach our kids to do the same before they get indoctrinated into the victim mindset that causes girls to lean on authority figures for their general well-being and boys to give silent, passive consent to friends mistreating women.

altWhat If You Knew...

  • how your unconscious behavior is a cue to criminals.
  • why conventional notions of self-defense don't work for a woman and you're better off training in your head than in most self-defense studios when it comes to an attack!
  • how to use self defense as a way to make better choices and live dynamically. How to be and feel in charge of your own life.
  • how to raise kids with 'eyes in the backs of their heads'!
  • that most women even when their lives are threatened do not wish to harm or injure another person, and so allow themselves to be harmed rather than do what is necessary to escape and survive!
  • the behavioral characteristics of anti-social people so you can spot their true intentions in spite of what they say or how they appear.
  • the difference between calm empowerment and "I'll kick your a--" negative empowerment.
  • why rushing and overwhelm get you into trouble every time!
  • how to use "weapons of opportunity" to save yourself or someone you love.
  • how to avoid being someone with a Bystander Mentality and how to take safe action if you see something happening. (We've all heard about the woman was gang raped on a bus in India in the presence of bystanders who did nothing)!


WARNING: This will NOT always be a comfortable conversation.

But it's a lot more comfortable to talk about than it is to experience and with a 1 in 4 statistic of violent crimes against women it's a conversation that needs to happen. You have to do more than unplug the TV. It's time to re-educate ourselves and our children. You need to learn the secrets of self-defense and feel confident knowing how to handle trouble when it strikes because that is your best assurance that it never will!


Nearly 30 Years of Martial Arts and Edged Weapon Training, Still Didn't Prepare her For The Vulnerability of Pregnancy and Motherhood!

Secrets of Women's Self-Defense with Teja VanWicklenTeja Van Wicklen is a 27-year veteran martial artist, a personal trainer, edged weapons instructor, Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) and mother, whose specialties are solving problems, facing fears, acquiring knowledge and skills and turning mistakes into positive outcomes.

In 2009 Teja set out to dispel common myths about women's self defense and bring it into the 21st Century.  She formulated the idea for her company, Devi Protective Offense and it's main program, Mommy & Me Self Defense, while pregnant and on bed rest.  The idea evolved as Teja grew into motherhood and began asking herself questions like, "how would you fend off an attacker with the baby in a sling and only about four hours of broken sleep?"

Teja grew up in New York City's East Village and began studying martial arts at 15 years old. Now Teja has trained for over 27 years and is skilled in a wide range of styles including Sayoc Kali, Taekwondo and Tai Chi. Sayoc Kali is a Filipino tribal art specializing in edged weapons, survival training and martial science. Teja was certified as an instructor at Sayoc Tactical Group, a company which instructs military and law enforcement personnel in the use of edged weapons.

Devi Protective Offense is the culmination of Teja's dreams and aspirations. She hopes the company and its programs will help curtail the world-wide culture of violence against women and children and also make them harder targets.

Teja Van Wicklen sees self defense as the new mindset for modern women. In studying our reactions to fear and adversity she shows us how we can tap into our deepest emotional and physical reactions and learn to have more control over every aspects of our lives.

But first we have to be willing to face the discomfort of a discussion about ugliness, fear and frailty. Only then can we learn from our victories and mistakes and move into our new skin!

Your Spiritual Ninja Hostess Tera Warner

secrets of women's self-defense courseTera isn't made of very tough stuff. She's not confident she could defend herself against a wild beaver if she had to, but having met Teja she became passionately committed to helping her get this information out and so assisted in making this program available.

Well trained in the art and science of communication, relationships and the well-being of women, she will be your healthy hostess and the spiritual ninja that helps make this even possible! She helped create this course because having been in both sexual and physical altercations she might rather have avoided, she believes this course contains vital knowledge for women of all ages.

Tera believes in putting attention on the positive things in life and hasn't listened to the news in nearly 20 years. She also recognizes that when you're prepared for trouble, it is much less likely to strike and so is excited to offer this program to her community of empowered, inspired women!

Here's Some of What We'll Be Covering
In This 14-Week Course on
The Secrets of Women's Self-Defense

The Five D's of Self Defense: Decide, Deter, Disrupt, Disengage, Debrief

In this section you'll learn the core message of self-defense and protective offense. The 5 D's will serve as a constant anchor point to remind you of what you will learn throughout this program.

Secrets of Women's Self-Defense

The Criminal Mindset: How and Why to Think Like a Criminal

You walk the streets in high heels with a pony tail bobbing behind you and don't realize - or don't care - that you're a target for unfriendly altercations. You think or know a friend who thinks that standing up for herself means being lou, challenging or demanding.

Learn what's true and what isn't. Knowing how a criminal thinks will help keep you from putting yourself in the path of one. It's not about fear, but increasing the awareness and personal responsibility that will enhance every aspect of your life.

Understand how to distinguish between social and a-social personalities. What actions, behaviors, features, mannerisms and ways of being will give you an immediate indicator that you are in the presence of someone who cannot be trusted (regardless of how they look or what they say!!).

The Five Stages of Violent Crime: Intent, Interview, Positioning, Attack, Reaction

Getting out of a bad situation early is always best when it comes to violence. Understanding the 5 stages of violent crime means you recognize trouble well before it happens. Situations that overwhelm you and make you feel out of control are now things of the past! Recognize them, evaluate them, take action.

Your New Frame of Mind

When I first started talking with Teja about the ides of women's self-defense, I was nervous and afraid that I would attract some uncomfortable experience into my life. But the truth is that FEAR is what attracts problems, NOT knowledge and awareness. It's very hard to be afraid of what you understand and can control. The purpose of this program is to empower you to understand how yo

Secrets of Women's Self-Defense

ur being overwhelmed, side-tracked and stressed out is a cue to others about your vulnerability.

In this lesson we'll discuss the elements of possitive rather negative empowerment that will put you in control in all kinds of social situations so that you become a highly unlikely target and a self-assured, confident woman who knows how to keep herself safe.

Q&A with Teja & Tera

After these first four lessons, you'll likely have a few unanswered questions and this is your chance to send them in and get some answers. During this 90-minute call Teja Van Wicklen will join us for a no-holds-barred discussion answering any questions you may have about the material up until this point in the course.

Learning how to spot trouble
before it becomes danger is the key to living a more confident, empowered and stress-free life!

You Have the Right to Feel Safe and Be Safe!

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None of the claims, products, or programs from this site have been evaluated by a government health body. The advice given is not intended to diagnose, cure or prevent any disease OR act as a substitute for a face to face consultation with a qualified medical doctor and, as such, should not be construed as medical advice. Should you have any persistent symptoms or problems, please consult your doctor.

While You Might Not Think It Could Happen to You,
Here Are a Few Shocking Statistics About Violence Against Women
From My Own Peace-Loving Country of Canada:

secrets of self-defense for women

  • On any given day in Canada, more than 3,000 women (along with their 2,500 children) are living in an emergency shelter to escape domestic violence.
  • Each year, over 40,000 arrests result from domestic violence—that's about 12% of all violent crime in Canada. Since only 22% of all incidents are reported to the police, the real number is much higher.
  • As of 2010, there were 582 known cases of missing or murdered Aboriginal women in Canada. Both Amnesty International and the United Nations have called upon the Canadian government to take action on this issue, without success.
  • In just one year in Canada, 427,000 women over the age of 15 reported they had been sexually assaulted. Since only about 10% of all sexual assaults are reported to the police, the actual number is much higher.
  • Half of all women in Canada have experienced at least one incident of physical or sexual violence since the age of 16.

If it's not your life this course saves, it could be
the life of another woman or person you love.
This information has the power to change the statistics!

Inform yourself! Live Fear-Free! Be Truly Empowered!

Survival Tactics for Physical Altercations

There are things to know and understand about the gruesome details of what happens to the brain and body during a physical altercation of a violent or sexual crime. Knowing them and deciding before hand how you will react in the event of an incident is what may be THE very thing that keeps you safe should something ever happen. If you are not prepared for how your body and mind will respond, then you may resort to automaticities that can get you in trouble.

secrets of self-defense for women

There are also a lot of myths about how to protect yourself when it comes to aggressive encounters. Teja likes to say that men in self-defense circles don't understand what women face unless they decide to get into an altercation with a large, male gorilla. Learn the precise practices and actions that will keep you safe and help you feel confident defending yourself in  an overwhelming physical encounter. 

Things You Should Have On Hand

Learn what to keep in your car and your purse. In this lesson you'll also practice some specific drills that are helpful for you in the event of an incident or threatening situation. Learn why you should set a random alarm on your phone and what to do when it goes off. The playground workouts that will dramatically increase your strength and agility. You'll also practice navigating your house in the dark and learn how this exercise has literally saved lives!

After Incident Debrief

Once an incident has taken place, what do you do? How do you respond? How can you prevent a situation from going from bad to worse? As a trained EMT, Teja shares some of the most important things you need to know about the very uncomfortable situation after a physical or sexual attack or even a minor incident that shakes you up and takes control of your emotions.

Safety for Kids

What if teaching your kids not to talk to strangers isn't such a good idea. In this lesson we'll share loads of tips and suggestions for how to pass this wisdom on to younger children so they are not a target for violence and unwanted behavior. Adult don't always pay attention to the smaller bullying moments kids deal with. Younger kids navigate their own social world sometimes without any help from oblivious adults. Through games and other fun activities you will be able to empower your children and equip them with tools to help them feel more in control of their own wellbeing.

Secrets of Women's Self-Defense

More Q&A with Teja & Tera

After every few lessons there will be a Q & A with Teja and Tera! We know it's a lot of info to absorb and we want to be there to help you get as much out of this course as possible!


We Take the Time to Do Fire Drills
and Learn First Aid, It's Time We Took
Some Measures to Ensure Our Safety
as Women and Save Lives! 

You May Have Some Questions or Concerns:

"What if I don't have much time for extra study?"

Exactly. That's why we focus on a 20-minute weekly lecture with easy-to-do action steps throughout the week.

"I don't want to attract a problem by focusing on this."

Raising your awareness and ability to confront danger is your greatest assurance that it won't happen to you. Statistics are clear and if it's not your life it may be someone else's who depends on you knowing this. Inform yourself and your children so that you feel safe, confident and able to protect yourself. There was a time when self-defense was innate, instinctive and not learned, but ingrained. We've gotten away from that. It's time to take back our animal prowess and this course is the perfect way to make that happen!

"This conversation makes me uncomfortable."

The only way this conversation can make you uncomfortable is if there's something about it you're not willing to face. Being able to have these conversations, participate in the program and comfortably face the possibility of what could happen means it is much less likely that it ever will. The fact is countless women face danger around the world on a daily basis. This is NOT just a third world problem. This is a first world problem and here are a few statistics to prove it:

  • About 80% of sex trafficking victims in Canada are women and girls.
  • 67% of all Canadians say they personally know at least one woman who has been sexually or physically assaulted.
  • More than one in ten Canadian women say they have been stalked by someone in a way that made them fear for their life.
  • The cost of violence against women in Canada for health care, criminal justice, social services, and lost wages and productivity has been calculated at $4.2 billion per year!!
  • On average, every six days a woman in Canada is killed by her intimate partner.

About Our Women's Wellness University Programs

Tera Warner's Women's Wellness UniversityIt's not just what you know, it's how you live it. That's our slogan and we're sticking to it! We know most women are stuck in an addiction to information. With stacks of self-help and diet books piling on bookshelves everywhere, we created Women's Wellness University as a way to empower women to get out of their heads and get into their lives. The information is only as valuable as you are able to apply it. Our focus on 15-20 minute weekly lectures mean our instructors are challenged to stick to the important stuff and keep the fluff out. Each weekly lesson is followed by an entire week of active practice and putting into action the principles we cover in the weekly lecture. We recognize the value of what we offer the world is only as high as it is able to be put to use. And so with full support programs, weekly affordable payments and action-oriented programming we're showing the world a new breed of woman who reads what she needs and lives a life she loves!


And as in all our Women's Wellness University programs, please feel free to invite your children to participate for free! My daughter will definitely be signed up!


When It Comes to Women's Wellness,
We Don't Mess Around!

women's wellness university

Many begin. Few make it to the finish line.

Once you cross the bridge and decide this program is for you, we want you committed to the finish line and doing everything you can to get your money's worth and more importantly, to achieve the goals you set for yourself on this course. If you're not committed to completing this program a healthier, more confident, empowered person, we would prefer you choose another program. :-)

We don't need your money.
We need your persistence and determination.

If you're in the game, you're in until the finish line. If you need more time, you can take more time. If you need more help, you can have more help.  But the intention to complete and the commitment to see this through NO MATTER WHAT is what we're interested in. 

Life is NOT easy, no matter how pretty it may look at times.

We want to support a group of committed, active health-seekers who are willing to do what it takes to make the world a better place. You will have a 3-week period to get acquainted with how we roll, figure out if it's a good fit for you. Within that time, you may request a full refund and it will be honored without question.

After that, there's no turning back. There will be no refunds for this program after the 3-week mark. Period. After that time, the only guarantee you'll see from us is a guarantee that we will do whatever it takes to see you complete the course feeling confident, empowered and more in control of your health and your life than ever before.

Learning how to spot trouble
before it becomes danger is the key to living a more confident, empowered and stress-free life!

You Have the Right to Feel Safe and Be Safe!

Pay in Full
1 Easy Payment of



Payment Plan
3 Monthly Payments of




None of the claims, products, or programs from this site have been evaluated by a government health body. The advice given is not intended to diagnose, cure or prevent any disease OR act as a substitute for a face to face consultation with a qualified medical doctor and, as such, should not be construed as medical advice. Should you have any persistent symptoms or problems, please consult your doctor.


Love and a Mighty Hammer Swing,




p.s.   I know. It's a little bit scary to have this conversation, but what are the costs in lives lost and harm caused because we do NOT know this. We all need to know these things so we can change the world one woman, friend, little girl at a time! Pass it on!


We always take work exchange as an alternative option to payment by cash for ALL our programs. For this particular program, if you can find 10 women whose lives you will enrich by sharing this information with them, then we will offer you a full scholarship to this program and you may participate for free. You will be asked, however, to provide promise and proof of how you will share this information with the lives of at least 10 women. Learn more about work exchange and apply here.

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