The Following Symptoms Are a Sure Sign That You Have Mineral Deficiencies:

Tooth Decay
Hormonal Imbalance

Make Food Your Medicine! Remineralize Your Body for Vibrant Health, Energy & Youthful Beauty

Join Us for a 6-Week Program To Restore Your Energy, Balance Your Hormones & Improve Your Health

*We Will Be Re-Opening This Program In Spring 2016*


From the Desk of Tera Warner
Near Montreal, Qc

Dear Health-Seeking Superstar,

If you feel like you're doing your best to eat all the right foods, but still struggling to have the energy, health and bouncing good feelings you KNOW are possible, then chances are good you have a mineral deficiency.

"How can I tell if I have a mineral deficiency?"

Minerals are responsible for many physiological reactions. When we don't get enough, our internal chemistry gets out of whack. If you're experiencing the symptoms of heart disease, osteoporosis, cavities, yeast overgrowth, mood swings, excess weight and irritability, then that's proof that something is off-balance and it would be wise to do an intensive program to help you rebalance and remineralize!

remineralize your body"How did I become deficient?"

Minerals are an extremely crucial part of a healthy immune system. Without them, many basic functions such as keeping our heart beating and having strong bones are impossible. When we lived closer to the land and in a less anti-bacterial culture, chances are we were naturally getting a lot more of the key minerals we needed to be in great health.

These days our everyday foods are lower in minerals than before because of intensive agricultural methods, soil depletion and eating habits that are gradually getting worse for the general population.


That's why we've put together this:

Remineralize Your Body Now & Restore Your Health, Energy and Youthful Good Looks in Just 6 Weeks!

By taking the cultural and ancient secrets of traditional cultures whose diets are rich in minerals and combining it with some good ol' fashion modern science and clinical nutrition, we've created a powerful 6-Week program to help you restore your health, vitality and create a RADICAL difference in your overall well-being.

In just 6 weeks!

Here's What Will Be Covered In This Program:


Bonus Resources & Lessons:

Easy meal plans and health, mineral-rich recipes the whole family will love!

  • Learn to create your own nourishing meal plans in minutes
  • Learn to stay mineralized while still cooking for your family
  • Learn to develop good habits to stay on track
  • Get menu planners that are easily tweaked for endless variety
  • Nourish your family with meals they love, so you all feel good about the food that's on the table!

Many of the recipes are:

  • Whole food vegan and vegetarian (raw and cooked)
  • Body Ecology Diet friendly and Weston A. Price friendly
  • All recipes are tested on mainstream men, women and children to ensure delicious flavor and nutrition!
  • The recipes are designed to help you save time in the kitchen
  • The ingredients are simple, quick and easy to use and no weird or really expensive ingredients are required!

This is a full-support program. You will receive a complete menu planner with support workbook, action steps and community support every step of the way.

It's time to rebuild your bones and teeth & restore your health with a mineral rich diet!

Consider This Carefully
(This Program is NOT for Everyone!)

women's wellness university

We want to support a group of committed, active health-seekers who are willing to do what it takes to make the world a better place. You will have a 3-week period to get acquainted with how we roll, figure out if it's a good fit for you. Within that time, you may request a full refund and it will be honored without question. After that, there's no turning back. There will be no refunds for this program after the 3-week mark. Period.

After that time, the only guarantee you'll see from us is a guarantee that we will do whatever it takes to see you complete the course feeling confident, empowered and more in control of your health and your life than ever before.

You can start NOW to give yourself permission to have the quality of life and health you deserve!

Love and Leafy Greens,

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