Finally Make Peace With Your Body &
Learn to Love the Skin You're In...

Join me and 10 World-Renowned Health & Wellness Experts as we reveal the exact steps you need to take to restore your self-confidence and rekindle your spirit of play! 

tera warner

Hi! It's Tera, here.

And I'm so excited to debut one of the most important summits I've ever done! 

If you struggle to feel good inside your skin...

If you've wasted countless hours obsessing about the size, shape or appearance of your body...

You are going to love my new "Body Confidence Summit."

20 Years of Body Obsession Taught Me a Thing or Two

From the age of 13 until at least 35, my attention and energy were obsessively stuck on my body. I worried about how it looked, what it ate, how often it pooped, whether it exercised enough, how much it weighed, what it wore, how it smelled, what it said, and most of all, what other people thought about it!

It felt like being in a trap--the more I worried and obsessed about how to improve my body, the worse I felt. I knew there was a better way to live. 

Scanning through pictures of my teenage years and early twenties, I looked back at pictures of myself during times when I know my self-confidence was in the tank--when I knew I was unhappy with my body. And I was shocked. Because in all those pictures, I had a beautiful, healthy body.

body confidence summit tera Warner

Your Biggest Obstacles Can Be Your Greatest Opportunities

Rbody confidence summitealizing the mess I was in, I got busy trying to get navigate my way out of the time and attention-sucking trap of being body-obsessed. The more I looked at it, the more I realized that no matter what I ate or how I looked, it was never enough. I was working toward an unachievable target.

And given the statistics, I was not the only one in this situation.

So over the course of about 20 years, I thoroughly researched, tested and tried dozens of different diets, detox programs and mind-bending tricks to improve things.  I personally interviewed hundreds of the world's leading experts in everything from tantric sex to tai chi.

And it took close to 20 years of trying to solve the Body Confidence Puzzle before I finally started to "get it."  I got my finger on the pulse of what it really takes to lift a woman up out of the mud of insecurity and body obsession.

I can honestly say I understand what's been dragging women's body confidence through the mud and it's time to bring women back out into the light so they can really shine!

There Was a Time When You Didn't Think About It--You Were Too Busy Loving Life

There was a time when you could be anything, and weren't afraid to say it.

Whether you wanted to be a ballerina, a truck driver, or an astronaut, you came into the world willing to take up space -- bursting with confidence! You didn't worry about your double, baby fat chin or the size of your diaper butt!

You CAN get back to a more confident, optimistic, healthy, happy you. And it doesn't need to require years of diets or detox. You don't need a new wardrobe or a thicker wallet. With some vital facts, inspiring wisdom and amazing support, you can restore your self-confidence WAY faster than you think.

I suggest about 10 days. ;-)

body confidence summit tera warner

Meet My Hand-Picked Crew of Body Confidence Gurus:

I chose 10 of my favorite people to help you get the wisdom, inspiration, action steps & support you need to heal your relationship with your body & restore your self-confidence.

Angela Gutierrez Body Confidence Summit
How to Slow Down Enough to Hear
What Your Body is Telling You
Patty Contenta Body Confidence Summit
The Subtle Art of Body Confidence &
A Woman's Best Kept Sensuality Secrets
sheri winston body confidence summit
Uncover the Secret Map to
Your Buried Pleasure
Nadine Artemis Body confidence summit
Move Beyond Comparisons & Embrace Your Renegade Beauty
Sean Stephenson body confidence summit
How to Rid Your Life (& The World)
of Insecurity
Teresa Tapp Body confidence Summit
Posture Secrets of the Professionals for Better Body Confidence In Minutes
Pamela Madsen body confidence summit
Stop Worrying About How It Looks & So You Can Finally Love How It Feels
Robyn Openshaw body confidence summit
Body Confidence Through Simple,
Healthy Lifestyle Choices
Dana Falsetti body confidence summit
Proof That Body Confidence Has 
Nothing to Do With Your Size
Tera Warner body confidence summit
Your High-Energy Hostess &
Body Confidence Cheerleader
Why Your Belly Holds the Secret to
Better Body Confidence
jean kilbourne body confidence summit
Media Sold Your Confidence to the Highest Bidder, Let's Get It Back 

Sign up Before July 16th for this FREE Summit and Receive a Special Bonus!

For Registered Participants ONLY: Online Viewing of Jean Kilbourne's Killing Us Softly

body confidence summit

Registered participants of our Body Confidence Summit will be invited to participate in a 7-day online viewing of Jean Kilbourne's insecurity-shattering presentation Killing Us Softly.
This incredible presentation reveals media's effect on women's self-confidence.

Watching this presentation can instantly undo what feels like a lifetime of subconscious programming designed to keep women completely body-obsessed. This film is absolutely THE most effective tool for vaporizing media's negative effect on your self-confidence!



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