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Impress Your Guests With Gourmet Raw Food!

With Angela Elliott's New E-Book, The Simple Gourmet, You Can Enjoy the Great Taste of Gourmet Raw Food Without the Hassle!

(They'll think you slaved over the meal for hours, but we know better!)

Angela ElliottDear Diva,

Raw Food doesn't have to be weird, complicated or time consuming any more!

Angela's expertise as a professional gourmet chef and nutritionist are what make this book the perfect tool to help you transition to a diet that includes more Raw Food. We're not saying you need to be a 100% Raw to be 100% healthy. Just get started on a path to improvement and you'll be AMAZED at the results! Her book, Alive in 5 was a HUGE success and is highly recommended if you've not already got it!

Sometimes people struggle to include more Raw Food recipes in their diet because they just don't know where to begin or what to do. This book makes it easy and is loaded with recipes that simply cannot go wrong.

You don't need to be a kitchen wiz to make the recipes in this book. You just need to know how to read, use a knife and have an appetite!

Stop finding reasons why "Raw Food" is too hard to do, buy a copy of The Simple Gourmet and start living the benefits of a healthier, TASTIER, more colorful diet and lifestyle!

Here are just some of the recipes in The Simple Gourmet:

  • Scroobious Tacos with Ninja Sauce (For the kids!)
  • Pot O' Captain's Chili and Cornbread
  • I Love Broccoli Salad, with Cashew Mayonnaise
  • You Can't Believe It's Not Meatloaf!
  • Decadent Hazelnut Chocolate Cherry Cookies
  • Strawberry Soup with Ice Cream
  • Many, many more recipes that will knock the cooked food socks off just about anyone who tries these recipes out for themselves.

If you're already a long time raw foodie, then this book offers you some delightfully unusual classic recipe replacements you may not have tried. Italian Bread and Cornbread... Mmmm... not quite just like Mama used to make, but better!

Loaded with original raw food recipes, when you purchase your copy of The Simple Gourmet, you'll also:

  • learn about dozens of tips and suggestions for how best to store your favorite fruits and vegetables.
  • finally get the low down on how best to store your greens, fruits and veggies to help keep them fresh as long as possible.
  • discover loads of the beneficial properties of the most common fruits and veggies (Did you know, for example, that Anemia, constipation, diarrhea and menstrual disorders have all been helped by the regular addition of blueberries to the diet.)
  • learn the basic sprouting recommendations for common nuts and seeds.
  • dive into an entire recipe section Just For Kids!
  • finally have the perfect recipes to impress your guests and leave them smiling and asking for seconds!get you excited about being able to succeed on the Raw Food Diet.
  • receive over 45 pages and dozens of mouth-watering gourmet recipes!

ORDER The Simple Gourmet TODAY and get ready
to impress the cooked food socks off your
neighbors, husband, friends and family!

Order TODAY and save $5!!

Only $17.95



If I were you, I'd try the Fettuccini first. ;-)

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