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Leave your Stress & Overwhelm Behind!
Find Yourself with us
in the Heart of Costa Rica!

Join us for a women's health retreat to restore your
self-confidence and finally start living a life you love!

Find Your Passion, Live Your Purpose!

A Women's Retreat in Sunny Costa Rica!
February 28 - March 5, 2016
San Pablo, Costa Rica


Dear Courageous Woman,

Are you feeling exhausted, overwhelmed and uninspired? Are you ready for a change? Is life happening TO you, or are you creating the life of your dreams?

There comes a time in a woman's life when she has to decide who she really wants to be. From that moment on, her life will never be the same...

This retreat could be your chance for renewal... to reconnect with your inner self.

Taking a break from constant phone and internet access alone, allows you to be present with yourself, the beautiful environment, and new experiences.

When you let go of daily responsibilities you can give yourself the gift of self-care and love. You'll get off the fast track and re-discover your own rhythm.

We look forward to seeing you in Costa Rica. We can't wait to get to know YOU!

Christie and Sherri



Find the Real You Again & Fall In Love With Your Life!
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This Life-Boosting Retreat Is Your Best Chance To:

Push your reset button

When you prioritize your self care, amazing things happen. You are the epicentre of your whole life, and with never-ending to do lists, you often end up on the bottom of the heap of things to do. We'll make sure you have some free time for nature walks, sitting poolside, a yoga class, and time spent enjoying your new friendships and connections. Time to improve your relationship with YOU.


Relax, rejuvenate, and make time for yourself

Disconnect from daily responsibilities and immerse yourself in the present moment so you can refill your energy tank and reboot your whole life. Having time and space gives you the opportunity to re-think your priorities and make the decisions that will take your life to the next level!


Enjoy healthy, delicious, food in a gorgeous environment.

You will enjoy a life-enhancing facility nestled on 8 acres in the Costa Rican Mountains. The Cuisine is fresh with an emphasis on fresh fruits and vegetables, some home-grown in their own organic garden. This is a place where you will feel "cared for and carefree".


Be inspired by new sights and experiences with amazing people

Enjoy the nature and beauty of Costa Rica, surrounded by beautiful trees, birds, and butterflies. By taking yourself out of your usual environment, you immediately change your thought patterns and perspective! Everything can change!


Make lasting new friendships with like-minded people.

Everyone's favorite part of these retreats is the lasting friendships with amazing people we meet. We hand pick our retreat attendees in consideration of who we think will make an amazing team. You'll meet amazing women from all over the world whose stories will touch you and whose friendship will lift you up when you need it.


Experience Self-Confidence Boosting Exercises

When the rush and stress of daily living starts to drag you down, you need a few tools to keep your focus amidst the chaos! We'll be doing a few special exercises designed to help you improve your focus, boost your confidence and feel more present to what's happening in your daily life. If you've got challenging relationships, professional stress, or other aspects of life that take your attention and drain your energy, these exercises will help you regain the control and confidence you need to thrive!

Go away with life-enhancing skills that will be with you forever.

We want to give you tools you can use when you get back home. By the end of the retreat, the things you’ve learned will be a part of you. Every time you practice or use that skill, it anchors you to the positive retreat experience.





Here's What's Included in This Life-Changing Costa Rican Retreat:

  • Eco-chic accommodations at a peaceful casita in Costa Rica
  • Roundtrip airport transportation to your retreat
  • Clean, organic, healthy meals that leave you feeling vibrant and energized
  • Daily workshops on authenticity and communication
  • Daily yoga, walking trails, and a luxurious massage
  • An all-day beach excursion away from the resort as a group
  • An afternoon excursion to a local waterfall
  • A beautiful serene space to relax and be YOU


Meet Your Hostesses:

Christie Kinsey, Executive Coach & Healthy Hormone Expert

Christie DempseyWith a wide-open heart and fun loving spirit, Christie is dedicated to raising women up and out of the muck of midlife and into enlightenment and love of her ever-changing body and life, better than EVER before.

After experiencing the not-so-nice side effects of early menopause, she made it her mission to turn her life around. It wasn't easy, but well worth the work.

She attended The Institute for Integrative Nutrition in 2007. That's when things really started to shift in her life. She then went on to further study hormones. It was then that she discovered the silent suffering of women who were screaming to be heard on the inside. It quickly became her purpose and natural passion to help in a much bigger way. Really help. Not just with another "quick fix". Not just with their diets, but with their relationships, their spirituality, their interests, their career, their communication, their physical movement and their own passion and purpose in life.

Christie IS living her dream life. SHE made it happen, and has never looked back.

She is an Executive Coach with Body Enlightenment where she is an inspiring and devoted leader for those women who seek to make their lives go right, to be heard loud and clear, and experience the pleasure to Be who they really are, at ANY age.

Sherri Zak, Executive Coach and Self-Confidence Boosting Specialist

Sherri ZakSherri Zak is a mom, a business-owner, an animal-lover and a money-managing ninja. When she was pregnant with a 1-year old in tow, Sherri bought her own childcare franchise and eventually sold that successful business 5 years later. At one point, overwhelmed by family and business demands, Sherri reached an all-time low and began taking medication for anxiety and depression.

Driven to find alternatives and get back on her feet, Sherri studied everything she could get her hands on about healthy living and plant-based nutrition. She lost almost 30 pounds, got herself off of the toxic anxiety medication and is now living a life she loves and is inspired to help other women discover the same.

When Sherri is not busy building her business, you will find her on a horse farm with her daughter or on a baseball or soccer field cheering on her boys. She also teaches faith formation classes and volunteers as a "foster mom" for the Humane Society.

With a strong background in business and a passion for nutrition and women's health, Sherri knows what it takes to get out of the clutches of overwhelm and reach the other side feeling more alive than ever. Her unyielding commitment to stand by her clients and do what it takes to help them reach their goals is the secret to her success.


Can you change a lifetime in a week?

That's what we asked the ladies who joined us on our team's last retreat and here's what they said...

"My Whole Perspective on Life Has Changed!
One of the Greatest Gifts You Can Give Yourself!"

When coming across the email about attending this retreat, I immediately felt propelled to fill in an application. Something within me told me to take a chance, and I will be forever grateful that I followed that inner voice. Being immersed in a peaceful, loving environment with strong, empowering, like-minded women truly sparked a change within me. In Tulum, I was nourished by the healing foods, the beautiful people, and the vast ocean. My awareness of life and the significance of BEing in the present moment has changed my perspective on how I want to live, and how much I want to feel alive, every second of every day. Giving yourself the chance to be open to the possibility to experience and gain unconditional self love is one of the greatest gifts you can give to yourself---You deserve it!!

Monika Bzdel

"I Was THRILLED With the Experience."

I came to this retreat on the spur of a moment. In some ways, I didn't want to know more about it, so I just showed up! I wanted no expectations beforehand. I wanted to be surprised, and I was thrilled with the experience! I came because I wanted to discover how to be more authentic in my speech, choice of words, and effort to speak clearly. I was not disappointed. The ladies here created a warm space in which to experiment and delve into discomfort in a safe environment. They made it very clear that it was up to us to take a risk and shape our environment, not to leave disappointed because we did not take the appropriate risks. I felt safe to try something completely new, and I was rewarded with a fantastic experience.

Andy Hastings

"Such a Profound, Empowering, & Freeing Experience!"

At the end of the retreat, I was giddy and rather speechless. It had touched something so deep in me that words can't come close to describing. Besides the magnificent and soul-nurturing location in nature, and food for my body that lightened and en-lightened ~ the coming to know ME was the big surprise, the scary part, and such a profound, empowering, and freeing experience.

I'm forever grateful to the team for creating a retreat experience that holds space for the miraculous! I'm so happy my heart said YES to going, along with all the other amazing women from around the world that I had the privilege to share this with.

Goldie Denise

"I Found My Voice and Am Making SO Many Positive Relationship Changes!"

I am a yogi mother and have a few years of experience in meditation and self-discovery on the yoga mat, but I've NEVER had such an intense and illuminating baptism in self-awareness as I did in one week … on the BE journey. I was called, as I think the rest of the group felt as well. The timing was perfect. The details weren't even stated on what exactly we'd be doing, but that was just fine with me because I trusted that a retreat given by Tera's team would provide an experience like no other. We all arrived with an open heart and a willingness to expose parts of us that were not apparent in our social veneer. The courage to be vulnerable and a commitment to ourselves and the group as a whole are what led to the drastic changes. The place was magical, the participants accentuated that magic, and the food cleansed and nourished us on our journey.

Having had that experience and now having a circle of amazing, loving, and talented women who shared in this experience supporting me in life, I have been able to make so many positive changes in my relationships. I found my voice and I'm confident in using it to create a life of living in my authentic truth by BEing in the present moment.

Beth Ely

"I Found My True Self & Am
Living a Life I Love!"

I went to the retreat as a belated "maternity gift" to myself. Since my third child is older, after giving birth to 3 kids, 6 1/2 years of breastfeeding, and after 12 years of motherhood, it was my first time travelling by myself and taking a week off for MYSELF!!! And it was AMAZING!!! I enjoyed every second, did not miss home and the kids and did not feel guilty about it!!!

But the real gift was to to be able to drop the barriers and get in touch with my true self! Being away from home in a paradise environment where the only thing to do is to experience being in the present moment, brings a deep and profound transformation…it was the perfect concept to REALLY connect with my TRUE self and face whatever I needed to see to evolve to another level! I'm so grateful for everything that happened there!!! The sharing with the women there was just pure gold, and all the support we had during the week, was authentic and magical...

I'm back home full of MYself, inspired to live the life I want with new intentions, a clear mind, new tools, and an amazing experience in my backpack close to my heart!!!

Marie-Claude Gour




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