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It Took You A Lifetime to Learn Some Pretty Unhealthy Habits.
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If you're anything like us, the thrill of discovering the benefits and possibilities of what the Raw Food Diet can offer is very exciting:

  • slim and trim figure
  • the increased energy
  • steady moods
  • new-found confidence
  • softer skin and younger looking appearance
  • relief from pain and many chronic conditions of the body

And we guarantee that the thrill of getting through your first Detox program will leave you on somewhat of a natural high.

It's easy to decide, then that we will never return to our old, unhealthy, ways. But the truth of the matter is:

When you're new on the scene, old patterns creep back in quickly unless you've got a system of long-term support and encouragement in place. You need tools and good people to get you through the tough times.

In the face of emotional attachments to food, the constant barrage of marketing, and the fact that many of us are preparing cooked food for our families, it can be hard to maintain a diet that is considered unorthodox at best. 

What's for dinner tonight?

You're going to loooove this. Every month you'll receive an ENTIRE MONTH of meal planning, recipes, and shopping lists all spelled out for you! All for just $17.95 per month.

(That's peanuts when you think of what some people spend on a coffee and a bar of chocolate these days!) Imagine being able to release your emotional ties to holiday foods because you can put Aunt Betty's roast bird to shame with some of your dynamite and delicious raw food dishes for Thanksgiving and Christmas?

Wouldn't you love to arrive at the next dinner party with THE ONE MEAL that everyone raves about?

Maybe you're just looking to broaden your Raw Food horizons with new ideas and combinations to keep you interested and your taste buds inspired? Whatever you're looking for, you'll find it, because we've put together more than an ENTIRE YEAR's worth of incredible recipes, including special menu planners for the holiday feasts!!!

Monthly Menu Planners and Shopping Lists

Take the guesswork out of meal preparation, with an entire YEAR of gorgeous recipe planners, complete with meal suggestions for EVERY meal! Hundreds of hours and several chefs have gone into the creation of these menus and they are a real treasure and we'll give you a new one each month of the year!

You'll eventually find your favorites and settle into the ones you'll love the most, but if you don't try new things how will you ever know what is possible and what works best for you? You will not only get simple detox recipes, but also a nice selection of creative recipes, perfect for impressing on special occasions, or just keeping your own taste buds tingling!

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