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We're sorry, but the Green Smoothie Jugs are currently unavailable.

OH MY! What Gorgeous
Jugs You Have!!”

Introducing The Sexiest, Sassiest,
Most Well-Designed Green Smoothie Jugs
You'll Ever Find!


Hey there, Sunshine!

Don't get the wrong idea. ;-)

When we get comments like that around here, we know they're talking about our Green Smoothie Jugs.

gsjugs-with-peachThese power jugs have been inspired by the principles in the well-known book, The True Power of Water by Masaru Emoto.

Dr. Emoto's research suggests that directing positive thoughts and feelings towards water have genuine PHYSICAL effects, and those positive thoughts yield positive changes! You can learn more about this concept here.

Just imagine the energy of all these positive, powerful words we've put on your smoothie jugs infusing into your smoothie!

We have literally SUPERCHARGED your Green Smoothies by creating these amazing Green Jugs!!

But that's not all that's nifty about these Green Smoothie Jugs!

Of course, a Diva does take aesthetics rather seriously. Not only are these jugs totally stylin', but the fact that they're already green, does conveniently hide the rather unsightly truth that most of what we eat resembles lawn mower pulp! And with a capacity of over 32 ouces (or a litre), you can pack in a lot of lawn!

**Please note, our new Nalgene Everyday Green Jugs are BPA-Free**


So, no more contorted faces at the office when you show up
with your green smoothie.

You're going green with style.

Add to that the very practically large, open-mouthed lid that makes for easy cleaning, and these truly are the PERFECT container for your Green Smoothies! They're a favorite of environmentalists because they're durable.

Check out this quick video to explain why we've created these super power jugs:

Here's what people have been saying about our jugs:

green smoothie jugs"I have to rush off to work, but I’m so psyched I have to take a second to tell you...

I LOVE your smoothie container!!!!!!!

My husband and I are doing a 3-day green smoothie challenge. I made his lunch smoothie and put it in the fridge in a pitcher (he works from home). I then made mine, and thought no way is that whole blender full of thick, green smoothie going to fit in that container. I started to feel irritated, wondering what I could put the remaining smoothie in, and feeling annoyed that I was going to have to take two containers or leave part at home. And then I began filling the container, and my wonderment grew as more and more smoothie fit-until every last drop was in there! Brilliant!!! Now I have a lovely, compact, practical way to transport my smoothie to and from work. Much better than my old system of bringing a big, ugly pitcher that was in danger of spilling in the car if I didn't wedge it in properly.

Whoever designed that thing - good job! I'd like to buy a few more..."

:-) Vicki
"I agree the price of the Green Jugs seems high, but I bit the bullet a while back and ordered three and got the free jug. I LOVE THEM! Four jugs for one person may seem like a lot but it isn't really. For example, we go to the beach once a week with our home school group. We are out there all day soaking up some sunshine and enjoying the best of friendship. Before I leave I make up 4 jugs of green smoothies to take along in a cooler and voila, I am set for the day with no temptation to give into the concession stand specials!

That aside, even at home I often prepare double and triple batches to save time. Sometimes I put them into glass jars and seal them with a Pump N' Seal, but if I know I am headed out the door shortly, into a spare Green Jug it goes, so I can just grab it and go.

So, why are they worth it? Just holding onto the Green Jug and reading the inspirational thoughts on the side helps keep me committed to the cause. And when someone sees the Green Jug and stops to ask questions, I get my chance to share what green smoothies have done for me and how to get started with a greener way of life. They are also worth it to support the Raw Divas and the Green Smoothie Queen so that they can continue to provide us all with great programs and great recipes so we can all have a better, more healthy life.

So, there you have it. Save up a few latte bucks and go grab some Green Jugs. Support and share the cause. You never know whose life you may save as a result. PS: This is not a paid advertisement, just a happy customer.

Kristine in MN

A Note About BPA

In light of recent concerns about Bisphenol A in polycarbonate plastic, we have ensured that our new Green Jugs are BPA-Free!

While our reading has led us to feel that polycarbonate jugs, cared for and used properly, are not as serious a concern as normal cell phone use, wireless internet, or watching TV, we understand that worrying about such things CAN be detrimental to one's well-being. So we have chosen the new Nalgene Everyday line, made from Eastman Tritan copolyester that is manufactured without BPA™

green smootie jugs 

Dear Green Smoothie Queen!

I definitely want to order one or more of your stylin', eco, super-charged smoothie jugs for



When you place your order, you'll notice that we apply discounts for multiple jugs.

We're sorry, but the Green Smoothie Jugs are currently unavailable.

The perfect gift for friends and family!

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