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"Reminding one another of the dream that each of us aspires to may be enough for us to set each other free." 
~ Antoine de Saint-Exupery




Volume 1 (2007)     Volume 2 (2008)     Volume 3 (2009 - 2010)

Volume 1

Issue 1: June 28, 2007
3 Secrets to Get Your "Oomph" Back!

Topics Discussed: community, detox, walking, dealing with lack of motivation

Issue 2: July 5, 2007
Helpful Tips to Prepare Yourself for a Detox

Topics Discussed: observing your body, water, simplifying, late night eating, rapid weight loss, giving up favorite cooked foods

Issue 3: July 12, 2007
Emotional Eating: Sensible Solutions to a Diva's Dilemma

Topics Discussed: emotional eating, observing instead of reacting, comfort foods, food addiction

Issue 4: July 19, 2007
A System and Support: The Two Most Important Ingredients In Your Health Transformation

Topics Dicussed: discouragement, support, the importance of a system, the ripple effect

Issue 5: July 26, 2007
The 3 Biggest Obstacals Women Face When Trying To Get Fit!

Topics Dicussed: fitness, action, time, unrealistic expectations

Issue 6: August 3, 2007
5 Ways to Get Your Kids to Eat More Raw Fruit and Veggies

Topics Dicussed: getting kids eating more fruits and vegetables, healthy food outlook, presentation, creativity with food

Issue 7: August 10, 2007
5 Survival Strategies to Handle The Most Common Food Cravings

Topics Dicussed: resistance, cravings, physiological barriers, addictive foods, salt, sweets, meat, fat, under-eating, dehydration, thirst, gratitude

Issue 8: August 17, 2007
3 Life Lessons I Learned the Hard Way so You Won't Have To

Topics Dicussed: life challenges, taking care of your body and your soul, personal responsibility, being true to yourself, taking and keeping your personal power

Issue 9: August 23, 2007
8 Food Combining Rules for Raw Foodists

Topics Dicussed: food combining, cravings, digestion, simplicity

Issue 10: August 30, 2007
Top 5 Reasons to Be a Raw Foodist

Topics Dicussed: asthetics, antioxidants, essential nutrients, digestion, energy, water, instincts

Issue 11: September 9, 2007
The 3 Biggest Obstacles to Succeeding on the Raw Food Diet, and How to Overcome Them

Topics Dicussed: fear, overwhelm, support, digestion, community

Issue 12: September 13, 2007
The Secret to Getting You Empowered Over Your Health

Topics Dicussed: nutrition, protein, fatty acids, natural eating, instinct, awareness, individual needs, simplicity

Issue 13: September 20, 2007
6 Reasons to Get into Great Shape

Topics Dicussed: sex appeal, sleep, elimination of toxins, mood, digestion, creativity

Issue 14: September 27, 2007
Do Grains, Breads and Cereals Have a Place in the Natural Human Diet?

Topics: Disease, grains, natural human diet, whole foods, health, illness, inuitive eating

Issue 15: October 4, 2007
5 Simple Steps to Transition to a Raw Food Diet

Topics: Positive effects of raw diet, health transformation, increased energy, application, results, first hand experience, breakfast, greens, hydration, natural hunger, better sleep, weight loss, simplicity, cooked foods, transition, natural diet, whole foods, seasonings & spices

Issue 16: October 11, 2007
Let Me Tell You What I Think About The Raw Food Movement

Topics: dichotomoy, fruit vs. fat, high fat raw, conflict, high fruit diet, support, community

Issue 17: October 18, 2007
Trick or Treat? A Clever Mom's Guide to a Healthy Halloween

Topics: raw food halloween treats, deprivation, bargaining, fun, personal choice, empowerment, decision making

Issue 18: November 1, 2007
How I Finally Got Over My Food Cravings

Topics: shopping for oranges, cravings, emotional eating

Issue 19: November 8, 2007
The Crimes We Commit Against Our Stomachs & How Hunger Can Help

Topics: hunger, headaches, irritability, true hunger, fasting

Issue 20: November 15, 2007
Faw Foodists and Rotten Teeth: What They're Not Saying

Topics: fruitarianism, tooth decay, hygiene, tooth soap

Issue 21: November 22, 2007
Passion or Profit? You Decide.

Topics: raw food marketing, manipulation, integrity, scarcity, fear

Issue 22: November 29, 2007
What Makes the Holidays Magical: A New Look at Gingerbread

Topics: perception, attitude, positive responses, holiday temptations

Issue 23: December 9, 2007
Cooked Food Compromises: When Ultimatums Don't Cut It!

Topics: greens, staying raw, motivation, simple gift ideas, raw moderation, whole foods, realistic nutrition

Issue 24: December 13, 2007
99 Things YOU Can Do To Make The World A Greener Place to Be!

Topics: consumption, reducing environmental impact, green solutions

Issue 25: December 20, 2007
Winter Comforts for the Raw Foodists: The Art of Blended Salads 

Topics: blended salads, eating more greens, winter chill, warming foods

Issue 26: December 27, 2007
The Low Down on Cooked Food: Get on The  Get You on The Raw Path for GOOD

Topics: nutrition, enzymes, heated food, acetic acid, painful mentstral periods, harm of cooked fat, harm of cooked protein, harm of cooked carbohydrates

Volume 2

Issue 1: January 7, 2008
The Prince's Kiss Came, When the Princess Was ASLEEP!

Topics Discussed: sleep, Body Enlightenment System, cravings, blog

Issue 2: January 15, 2008
Practical Tips for Overcoming Excessive and Compulsive Eating

Topics Discussed: eating disorders, bingeing, fasting, cravings, emotional eating, slowing down, consciousness, breaking compulsive habits

Issue 3: June 28, 2007
The Bamboo Family: Living A Life They Love

Topics Discussed: Costa Rica, natural lifestyle, self-sufficiency, strategies for living an ideal life. This issue introduces our in house esthetician, Tracy. Her first contribution is a fantastic, raw and natural masque you can easily make at home!

Issue 4: February 3, 2008
Tracy's Beauty Tips for Healthy, Younger Looking Skin; Ask Our Nutritionist

Topics Discussed: arthritis, aging, eczema, radiation. This issue introduces our in house nutritionist, Monique. Monique offers an excellent article about the importance of sulphur in our diets.

Issue 5: February 7, 2008
12 Reasons Why You Should Change Your Water Filter

Topics Discussed: water, alkalinity, ionization, ph level, anit-oxidant, acidosis, bone density, muscle mass, free radicals, pesticides, benzene, tri-halo-methane, gasoline, chlorine, organic pathogens, acidity, anti-bacterial

Issue 6: February 14, 2008
A Few Special Treats for Valentines' Day

Topics Discussed: Raw Diva's improvements, raw food community, fat, digestion, raw aphrodisiacs

Issue 7: February 26, 2008
Diva Detox Facial Treatment, Ask Our Nutritionist

Topics Discussed: detox, natural sunscreen, dental care

Issue 8: March 23, 2008
The Master Cleanse, Stop Obsessing About Fruit, Fat or Raw vs. Cooked ! Just Eat More Greens!

Topics Discussed: Greens, Master Cleanse, Detoxing

Issue 9: April 21, 2008
In Honor of Earth Day

Topics Discussed: pesticide free lawn care

Issue 10: May 8, 2008
Pamper Yourself! Beauty Tips for Healthy, Younger Looking Skin, A Tribute to Ann Wigmore

Topics Discussed: Natural beauty and skin care, Ann Wigmore, Living Foods Diet, Greens, CHI Home Study Course

Issue 11: May 15, 2008
Ode to Anne Green Juice, Extravagant Moisture Cream, Little Green Corner: Composting 101

Topics Discussed: green juices, fibre, natural skin care, beauty, composting, environment, organics, worm bin

Issue 12: May 29, 2008
Ask Our In-House Nutritionist, Pineapple Enzymatic Facial Treatment

Topics Discussed: juicing, fruits, glycemic index, oxalic acid, natural beauty and skin care, skin inflammation

Issue 13: June 10, 2008
Raising Children Raises Us

Topics Discussed: relaxing, lara bars, children, cravings

Issue 14: June 19, 2008
Natural Food Sweeteners and Common Sugar Compared

Topics Discussed: beauty tips, natural sweeteners, healing

Issue 15: June 26, 2008
Grow your own Sunflower Sprouts

Topics Discussed: sunflower sprouts, greens, relaxation, essential oils

Issue 16: July 5, 2008
Little Green Corner: What Do Those Recycling Numbers Mean?

Topics Discussed: natural beauty and skin care, acne, recycling, natural carpet deodorizer

Issue 17: July 10, 2008
Conscious Eating and Gourmet Health!

Topics Discussed: green smoothies, raw gourmet, sustainable foods, conscious consumption, positive food habits, sanctuary

Issue 18: July 17, 2008
How is your perspective?

Topics Discussed: green treats for kids, food for the skin, living in small spaces

Issue 19: July 25, 2008
Tales of Transformation

Topics Discussed: green treats for kids, food for the skin, living in small spaces

Issue 20: July 31, 2008
A Friendly Message from The Spaghetti Slayer

Topics Discussed: nuts, cocunuts, tropical body polish, aloe vera, kids and greens, lavender essiential oil

Issue 21: August 7, 2008
Do you collect clutter?

Topics Discussed: seasoning salt, coconut popsicles, raw vanilla ice cream, grapeseed oil, rose otto skin treatment, stress scale exercise, kidneys

Issue 22: August 14, 2008
Green Smoothie Day

Issue 23: August 21, 2008
Guess who's having a birthday party!

Topics Discussed: banana mango ice-cream, declutter tips, host a raw dinner party, citrus facial cleanser

Issue 24: August 28, 2008
Find out the 10 super-simple keys to longer, happier, and healthier life

Topics Discussed: green smoothies for health, hydrating skin tonic,
live a longer, happier and healthier life

Issue 25: September 4, 2008
Be your own Guru

Topics Discussed: raw food mistakes, tahini treats, cooked food,
questions to ask your raw food guru

Issue 26: September 11, 2008
It's Time You Knew The Truth

Topics Discussed: simply raw festival, watercress salad, truth about your food

Issue 27: September 18, 2008
The Art of Seducing Strawberries

Topics Discussed: truth about your food, cheezy easy noodles, ginger lime body polish
healthy eating

Issue 28: September 25, 2008
Kissed by a blender!

Topics Discussed: blendtec blender, salsa, vitamin cocktail for skin, raw organic food

Issue 29: October 2, 2008
Keeping it short and sweet

Topics Discussed: saving money on your groceries, raw parmesan cheese

Issue 30: October 9, 2008
Making Money in Pyjamas

Topics Discussed: savoury green smoothie, diva affiliate program

Issue 31: October 16, 2008
Did You See it Yet!!!

Diva TV, Autumn Oatmeal recipe, school lunches

Issue 32: October 30, 2008
Healthy Halloween Treats

halloween treats, ask Dr T, peanuts

Issue 33: November 14, 2008
How to Avoid the Mashed Potato Pudge

raw food in a cooked food restaurant, oatmeal cookies, truffles

Issue 34: November 20, 2008
Health in High Heels

eating colors of the rainbow, plight of our oceans

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