Calling All Sugar, Fat and Salt Addicts:
If You Struggle With Cravings, Bingeing and Emotional Eating, You Can Get Back in
Control of Your Food and Your Life!

Dear Freedom-Seeker,

How many times have you stared at the bottom of a jar of almond butter or an empty ice cream bucket and wondered to yourself:

 "Did I do that?"

altAs your stomach rumbles an affirmation you immediately feel the wave of sickening regret and guilt, confirming that it was indeed YOU who polished off another serving of something you didn't need and couldn't stop yourself from eating.

After that point, who can say for sure whether it's the guilt or the ice cream itself that causes the inevitable weight gain, introversion and depression for those of us who struggle with cravings, bingeing, and emotional eating.

Living with constant emotional and physical distress of  cravings, binges and the food roller coaster is wearing you down.

There is a way out! 

Food is stimulation. So is the TV and so are cigarettes, coffee, sex, and attention from others! So here's the deal:

No matter what has happened before or how many times you may have tried to end your cravings, don't lose hope in your ability to turn things around. You can do it! It takes willingNESS, not willpower. It takes some structure, support and people who've been through it and came out the other end  triumphant.

Introducing the most effective program for handling cravings, bingeing and emotional eating EVER.


"Freedom From Cravings and Emotional Eating E-Book"

This is a fantastic and empowering e-book loaded with information that will really put all the juicy details we've been discussing together.alt

  • The cold, hard facts about coffee
  • The enormous mistake most people make trying to "resist" cravings!
  • The single best change you can make to start experiencing INSTANT relief from cravings
  • A sneaky… but incredibly smart way…to change the way you look at food!
  • The right and wrong way to handle sugar cravings!
  • The nasty truth about salt, onions, garlic, spices and much, much more!
  • The top reasons cravings take place and how to handle them!
  • What's behind the most common cravings for "protein" (cheese, nuts, etc.)
  • Practical tips to help you distinguish whether your cravings come from nutritional need or emotional crutch!
  • An in-depth look at what chocolate is REALLY about

"Busting FREE: A Cravings and Emotional Eating Workbook"

We said it would take work, but we're not talking about blood, sweat and tears as much as the determination to be willing to try a few tricks and take the time to observe your behavior and spot your own patterns.

We've included some powerful and practical exercises giving you actual TOOLS to handle your cravings, so you're not left to battle them with sheer brute strength and willpower alone!

  • Specific exercises to help you visualize the body and lifestyle you want to achieve
  • When you shouldn't be in the kitchen!
  • The WORST mistake you can make after 7:00pm
  • The best way to deal with emotional upset INSTEAD of using food
  • How to finally overcome incessant food cravings and bingeing patterns
  • New exercises and techniques to help you understand your food patterns so you can do what it takes to change them!
  • # How to finally be at peace with your food without extremism, guilt, or self-punishment


"Freedom Food Journal"

Bottling up those emotions hasn't worked up until now, and with this deluxe Diva's Food Journal to guide you through them for once and for all, you'll be on your way to freedom, Sister!

  • Track your emotional states before and after meals!
  • Identify true hunger signals
  • Record your daily food intake
  • Identify your emotional eating patterns
  • Track your morning workout
  • Finally recognize the underlying reasons for your cravings, such as insufficient calories, or too much fat in the diet!

In the course of using this program, you're going to realize a lot more about what YOU need to successfully handle your food issues and develop the skills to spot your patterns and triggers


Break Free From Food Cravings and
Emotional Eating Once and For Alll!

Here's a taste of what you'll discover when you ORDER TODAY!

  • Learn the tricks that will help you identify how to be able to tell when your cravings are emotionally driven or coming from an actual physiological NEED.
  • What to do to prevent overeating and bingeing.
  • THE BIGGEST reason people overeat and binge and what to do about it.
  • First Aid for the Overeater and Binger! Once you've reached the bottom of the bucket what do you do?
  • The 3 Most Addictive Foods and what to eat instead of these!
  • Survival strategies to avoid cravings before they start.
  • Complete list of most commonly craved foods and healthy substitutes and alternatives for them.
  • What causes the downward spiral of overeating. Why is it impossible to take just ONE bite?
  • How to overcome those little voices in your head and get back in control of your relationship with food!
  • Why evening can be the very worst time for cravings to set in and how to handle it.
  • Why the idea of "forbidden food" is a recipe for disaster.
  • How to handle emotions when they come up, instead of going to the fridge (this is not some psychotherapy couch technique). Real tools that work.
  • How to spot your patterns so you can outsmart them.
  • How extremism in the Raw Food movement contributes to excessive guilt and self-punishment patterns.
  • The one thing that almost ALL overeaters do that is their ruin - and how to stop it!
  • Why you can NEVER lose weight as long as you're stuck on an eating roller coaster.
  • Why will power alone will not get you through this. We're talking about years and years of emotional eating patterns likely tied in with memories that you may not even recall anymore.
  • We'll also give you tools to handle the fact that cooked foods and "forbidden foods" are always going to be around you!
  • A simple method to CONFRONT your food and control your reactions to it.
  • An amazing technique to get you out of your patterns of introversion and start feeling sexier and more confident than ever.

If you take action and place your order TODAY we'll also
include the following limited bonuses!


BONUS #1: What if the Secret to Success is Just Eating One Food At a Time, When Hungry Until Satisfied?

14-Day Monomeal Cleanse

alt We'll let you be the judge when you take part in a 14 Day, Guided Monomeal Cleanse. After you purchase this program, you'll be guided through the different elements we've put together. 

If there is one thing people are addicted to it is STIMULATION!

Part of the reason so many people struggle in their relationship with food is because we just are driven to consume the next flavor explosion.

Think of it: How many times have you seen someone who is "stuffed" or "just couldn't eat another bite" of their meal, when all of a sudden dessert gets passed around the table and the appetite resurges.

This is because we are stimulation addicts! That's why, when you do a Monomeal Cleanse, here are just some of the things you can expect to happen by bringing your food down to the bare necessities:

Get acquainted with natural, real hunger signals.

(Some people mistake headaches, stomachaches, irritability, etc. for hunger. These are detox symptoms. Eating when not genuinely hungry is a major cause of overeating, so getting to recognize your TRUE hunger signals means getting back in control of your food!)

  • Know how to identify the difference between detox symptoms (headache, irritability, cravings, etc.) and real hunger
  • Identify with one simple clue when you have had your fill (and learn why this is so hard to do eating cooked food or complicated recipes)
  • Learn THE trick to kick salt addictions
  • Improve elimination and absorption of nutrients
  • Boost energy
  • Increase concentration and mental clarity
  • Cleanse and detox the body from latent toxins
  • Suddenly find hours of free time because you're not stuck in a kitchen preparing complicated recipes for yourself
  • And oh so much more...

For this 14 Day Monomeal Cleanse, we'll provide you with a complete Monomeal Cleanse guide that covers:

  • How to cleanse the body with monomeals
  • When to cleanse and how to know when to stop a cleanse
  • A Complete self-assessment for pre and post cleansing
  • 14 Day Journal for the cleanse
  • Suggested recipes (yes! Recipes for monomeals!)

You will be given everything you need to conduct a 14-Day Monomeal Cleanse that will get you back in control of your cravings and food habits!

BONUS #2 : Exclusive Teleseminar with
Angela Stokes of Raw Reform

altHaving eventually reached a weight of 300 lbs, if anyone knows how to overcome emotional eating, cravings and food addiction, it's Angela Stokes.

She's lost over 160 lbs and has taken her life back into her own hands while actively inspiring others to do the same!

Angela will join us for an exclusive teleseminar where she will specifically deal with the issues of emotional eating and cravings that many people may not be so willing to discuss!

  • Learn what finally inspired Angela to overcome her debilitating patterns of overeating
  • The powerful tools Angela used to get through the "tough parts"alt
  • What does Angela's own diet look like now, and why this is successful for her
  • What she would write every day that made all the difference to her success
  • How to truly identify eating patterns and confront your relationship with food (maybe for the first time!)
  • And so, so much more, including why if she can do it, so can YOU!

When you place your order, you'll immediately receive your program materials for download and you'll have time to really go through them and start putting things into action. Then gain even more inspiration and knowledge by listening to this exclusive call with Angela Stokes and The Raw Divas!

You will also receive our full-color, 25-page transcript from this teleseminar so you can refer back to this valuable inspiration and information time and again!


*This Bonus is loaded with tips and support.*

You will refer to this transcript again and again for inspiration and encouragement!

Don't waste another minute or another penny trapped in an obssessive relationship with your food!

Just think of the thousands of dollars you'll save when you're no longer emptying your wallet at the candy counter or coffee shops!

With this program in your hands, maybe for the first time EVER, you have what it takes to get control over your food choices instead of letting your food control you!

It's time to get control of your food choices before your food choices start to control you!


"Strut-Your Stuff" 30 Day Money Back Guarantee


Order this product TODAY and if by 30 days you're not strutting your stuff feeling like you've conquered cravings and are more confident than ever, just contact us and we will happily refund your money.

YES! I want to overcome my Cravings & Emotional Eating Issues TODAY!

I understand that I will receive all of my program elements and teleseminar information electronically, just moments after my order has been successfully processed and I'm ready to:

  • Track and record my daily food intake and observe my progress and experiences with The Empowered Diva's Food Journal
  • Be inspired and motivated with ongoing support by email
  • Understand the real causes of cravings & emotional eating habits in The Diva's Guide to Cravings & Emotional Eating E-book, which also includes recipes and recommendations to help me handle specific food cravings

I'm Ready to Free myself from Cravings for Good!

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p.s. Remember, if this program doesn't get you feeling more confident and in-control of your food than you have ever been, then let us know and we will refund your money! You'll still be able to keep ALL the materials and bonuses for your trouble.

p.p.s. It's up to you. You can buy another box of chocolates, or you can order the program now… what do you have to lose besides those nasty cravings?

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