Finally Heal Your Relationship With Food & Your Body Image

My 12-Step System is GUARANTEED to Help You Lose Excess Weight, Heal Your Relationship With Food & Restore Your Confidence and Enthusiasm for Life!

TNo he weight off your shoulders first, and the rest will follow!

ATTENTION: No matter how over-weight, bloated, or "sick and tired" you feel when you stumble upon this page…

No matter how many ultimatums you’ve made to yourself and then broken the next day....

No matter how shut-down you have become emotionally from the people around you and life in general, you cannot give up on your dream to be fit, healthy and full of life again until you read this letter!

teraFrom: Tera Warner,
Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Hey there, Gorgeous!

Do you "lose" weight only to find it again?

Do you feel your attention constantly pulled in an obsessive relationship with food?

Do you struggle to look at your own body naked and spend unhealthy amounts of time worrying about how you look?

You are in the right place!


Dear Friend,

If you’re anything like most people I encounter, you're already in over your head with information about health, nutrition, weight loss and fitness.

I see it all the time.

Countless people buy the latest fitness & nutrition books, subscribe to health magazines, follow blogs about optimum health and wellness, spend thousands of dollars on the latest miracle supplements, consultations, and dreamy retreats, but STILL STRUGGLE TO FIND THE MOTIVATION to stick to it and then roller coaster down hill while another bag of potato chips bites the dust!

If you really want to make this work, you need an easy, step-by-step SYSTEM, backed by a lifetime membership, money-back guarantee and more support than you ever imagined was possible. With a program like that, YOU ABSOLUTELY CANNOT LOSE!

I can remember very clearly the day I walked to the fridge and felt FED UP with trying to succeed at a healthy diet. I was sick of riding the dieting roller coaster and wanted out of the incessant obsessions about food. I felt bloated and fat and yet there I was reaching for the fridge handle, AGAIN!


...before I grabbed another morsel of food to stuff in my overloaded body, I had an idea. An idea about a system that would end this insanity and get me and other people on the path to health for good.

Here's Are the Key Elements of the System I've Created:

Are you ready to finally love the skin you're in?

Meet Your Body Enlightened Experts:

There's no secret to healthy living.

We all know that we need to eat our fruits and vegetables and exercise regularly.

So why do we constantly sabotage ourselves in the process and
struggle to make things work?

We hop from website to website looking for the next answer to our struggles, but end up collecting e-books without ever managing to really implement the tools in these books so that we can change our lives around once and for all.

I know you might think you can do it on your own, my dear, and maybe you can. But the fact is you're going to work a lot harder and a lot longer unless you have A SYSTEM!!If you've looked in the mirror cursing the shape that looked back at you, or wondered if there was something wrong with you, everything is about to change...As long as you believe your self-worth is determined by the size of your thighs you will NEVER be healthy or happy no matter how much you weigh!

What I am about to say may surprise you. Despite how you may be feeling,

Another dusty diet book on your shelf will not bring you closer to finally having the body you want. If any of those books had the answer, you wouldn't be here right now reading this letter.

It's about time the world had a sustainable model for achieving vibrant health, NOT just smaller bodies.



Ready to lighten up?

Yes! I'm ready for the Body Enlightenment system to change my health, my body and my Life!

I understand the Body Enlightenment's 30-day program includes:

BE Healthy Books

  • exclusive Facebook access to the BE Original member support group where I can meet and connect with other participants.
  • valuable daily coaching via email
  • The BE Success Planner – a kickstart workbook to help make my process more successful
  • the simple and effective BE Fit Planner e-book to guide me on an easy, doable exercise routine
  • a full 30-day in-depth Menu Planner to totally take the guess-work out of my meals
  • meals and menus for all seasons--there are the equivalent of about 6 months worth of meals and menu planning!!!
  • a full 7-day preparation week complete with shopping lists and step-by-step support
  • direct support from Body Enlightenment experts and coaches
  • 5 special teleseminars with Body Enlightenment experts; Donna Gates, Carol Look, Alice Bracegirdle, Nadine Artemis and Vanessa Stewart
  • transcripts of all the BE Expert calls
  • 5 weekly "I Got Yer Back" Coaching Calls with BE founder, Tera Warner
  • once my order is authorized, you will process my order promptly and reserve my spot in the next 30-Day BE Healthy, and I will gain access to the program details one week before the program begins
  • I understand the "Body Enlightenment" system comes with a full, 21-day money back guarantee, and I can receive a full refund if I have given ALL of the support features offered my sincere effort and am still not completely satisfied

Oops! Sorry!

If you were getting excited about what’s in this course and wanting to try it out, please refer to our 12-month be. program instead!

All be. programs are now integrated into a fully-supported membership program.


"I am the fittest and healthiest and most positive I have ever been."

natural weight loss and lifestyle programI have been amazed at how well BE has been put together. It really does cover thoroughly every aspect of my life. I really joined this as I was in a deep, dark 'rut'. I really needed support, motivation and great teaching.

I was amazed at my successes, and my life has made a turnaround that I never thought would be possible in 30 days.

I am the fittest and healthiest and most positive I have ever been. My skin is beautiful – no cellulite, defined muscle, content soul, organized, efficient, in control, at peace - these are the transformations that come to mind.

~ Lynita


"I feel like I'm back in charge of my life."

I debated purchasing the Body Enlightenment System… believing I should be able to make lifestyle changes on my own. I finally admitted I needed the support and structure of BES. I'm so happy that I made this choice! The support and knowledge was phenomenal. I feel like I am back in charge of my life.

With the help of the Body Enlightenment system, I have released 10 pounds and have increased my physical strength and stamina with regular exercise. I no longer rely on two cups of coffee in the morning to wake me up and give me energy.

I sleep better, feel more calm, and my skin is softer and smoother. The support and knowledge, as well as community of other participants was phenomenal. I highly recommend the BES to anyone who wants to make a commitment to pursue better health.

~ Wendy Evans

"I have 'released' 18 pounds!"natural body image and lifestyle program

Beginning with the preparation week and throughout the entire Program, every aspect far exceeded any expectations I had. From Day 1, I realized what an amazing journey I'd begun and would have gladly paid much more to be able to take advantage of this experience. As early as Day 6, I knew that I was going to make it and that I'd never have to search for another program, again!

The BE program is different from any other diet or health improvement system on the market, today. It is a "complete" program, addressing not only the physical aspects of health, but ALL aspects of one's being. I had no idea that by joining the BES, I would improve so many areas of my life.

I have "released" 18 pounds and begun a regular exercise program. My spirits are lifted. I have a deeper understanding of myself and what I am truly capable of becoming: the best me, ever!

I commend Tera for having such vision and for her tireless efforts in creating a truly worthwhile, comprehensive program! If you're hesitating about joining the BES, don't! Just take the leap, and don't look back! You won't regret it. The only thing you will regret is not joining sooner!!

~ Stacy King


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