Is Clutter Holding Your Energy Hostage? 

Restore Your Energy, Improve Your Health &
Shoot Your Confidence Through the Roof!

Clean and Proud!

You manage your stuff the way you
manage your thoughts!
Go clutter-free and get your life back today!

Dear Clutter-Buster-To-Be,

In today's hectic world, our tendency to gather paper, books, toys, clothes, gadgets and gizmos is more damaging than you think!

clutterHere are just some of the symptoms clutter-overload could be having on your life, health and well-being:

  • You feel tired, lethargic, and depressed.
  • You may feel shame & embarrassment at the thought of people coming over.
  • Your life and environment feel out of control and cause you confusion.
  • Domestic disputes start happening more often than they used to.
  • Your confidence and self-esteem start to dwindle.
  • Your thoughts are often stuck in the past
  • You feel like something is stopping you from moving forward in your health, your life and even your relationships!
  • You feel distracted and overwhelmed.
  • You know you've got more than you need, but you just don't know how to get rid of it!

The Cleanliness and Organization of Your Home is a Direct Reflection of Your Life, Your Well-Being and
Your Thoughts!

If you've got junk in your cupboards and piles of paper gathering in corners, you've got stuck energy affecting all areas of your life.

When clutter starts creeping into your home, it's going to have a negative impact in other areas of your life as well.

Did you know?...

Clutter creates "stuck energy" and can cause negative effects in all areas of your life.

It traps you into living in the past, and makes you fearful of moving into the future.

It ties up all your energy in stacks of paper, clothes you never wear, dishes you'll never use and JUNK you just can't let go of!

Clean and Proud!


Which Clutter Personality Type are You?

Environmental Clutter ~ Just having too much stuff!

Physical Clutter ~ All those piles and stuff laying around and blocking energy flow. Carrying excess weight.

Mental Clutter ~ You constantly feel like there is too clean out your clutter and feel amazingmuch to do and too little time.

Compulsive Clutter ~ You're constantly keeping up with the Jones' or making up for an early life deprivation, and so compulsively consuming and collecting clutter at a tremendous rate of speed.

Rainy day hoarding ~ You feel like you should keep things because they "could be useful someday."

Hidden Clutter ~ You try to pretend it doesn't exist by hiding it behind closed doors.

Scheduling Clutter ~ If you're plagued by busyness, distraction, inability to focus then you likely have scheduling clutter creeping its way into your life!

Unfinished Business ~ Bad habits and lack of discipline bring about a constant inability to complete the things you start. If you're surrounded by unfinished projects, books, or half-knit sweaters, then you're DEFINITELY suffering from this kind of clutter.

Sentimental Clutter ~ Keep things because of their attachments to the past so that your relatives can spend endless hours sorting and sending most of it to a second-hand store when you're gone.

Inherited Clutter ~ Clutter has fallen into your lap because of an inheritance (another great reason for you to handle the generational contagion of clutter!)

1. Clutter is the Manifestation of an Inability to DECIDE.

Indecision robs you of your self-confidence. There's no clarity, purpose, focus or drive. You're just stuck. And, if you've been doing it for a while, your home and environment will start to reflect this indecision and keep you pinned in a state of feeling drained and unproductive.

2. The BIGGEST Factor Affecting your
Self-Confidence is Indecision!

No matter how much you ignore it, avoid it, or try to live around it, clutter waits for you patiently, building, piling and growing out of control until you have NO CHOICE but to HANDLE IT.


Join this 30-Day Program to Clean and Clear Your Home & Leave You Feeling Free of Trapped Energy and Muddled Thoughts!

We are here with you each step of the way. Our Clutter-Free Consultant, Vanessa Stewart, is your expert guide in our be Clean: 30-Day Clutter-Busting program! 

Here are Some of the Many BENEFITS of Clearing your Clutter & Getting More Organized:

  • More Time.
  • Much greater efficiency, you don't have to clear a space before doing anything.
  • Less wasted time looking for misplaced items.
  • Start feeling more productive with the time you have.
  • Find more time for fun activities with family & friends.
  • Find more time for yourself!!!
  • You'll have more room to work, to live, to create.
  • Needed items will fit into a much smaller space.
  • You'll be able to breath better and enjoy moving in the open space around you.

It's time to free yourself from the clutches of clutter!

Break Free From Stress & Wasted Time!
In Just 30 Days You Can Clean & Green Your Home and Feel More Confident, Organized and Hopeful than Ever Before!

Clean and Proud!

Check out what previous clutter-busters have said about their experiences:

Here's what's included in the
be Clean: 30-Day Clutter Busting Makeover:

Daily Email Coaching

altThroughout the entire 30 days of this program, we'll give you loads of support, guidance, easy-to-follow tips and all the special assignments and tricks you'll need to get you through the program. If you do get stuck, have additional questions or concerns, trouble spots, etc., then you can send in your questions to our Clutter-Free Living support team, and we'll do our best to get back to you, or answer the question in the weekly teleseminars.

  • We'll keep you tapped in to daily messages of support and encouragement.
  • The support of the "BE" team is always with you.
  • Get a kick in the butt or a comforting word right when you need it most.
  • Receive inspirational and education videos, quotes, songs, BONUS calls and friendly reminders about how absolutely gorgeous, gracious and fabulous you are!

Detox Your Home! Recipe E-Book

Detox Your Home!This helpful e-book, written by our green living guide and health coach, Caroline Cain, is loaded with do-it-yourself cleaning recipes and old "wive's tales" and tricks on how to scrub, clean and stain-remove the natural way! As you declutter your home and living environment, you'll want to remove all the toxic cleaning products out of your space and your environment.

This e-book will totally help you make that happen! 

Loaded with Tips and Suggestions for your healthy home, this program guide will take you through 10 simple steps that will totally transform your living environment!

Clutter-Busting Worksheets

To get you started and kick off the program, we'll send you clutter-busting worksheets. These will help you identify your top priorities and put in place some effective clutter busting habits you'll need to get through the program!

These worksheets will be the foundation of your work on this clutter-busting program and a valuable reminder of what you need to do to truly break free from clutter once and for all!

5 Teleseminars To Help You Have Clutter-Free Closets & Make Your Home a Cozy, Inviting Oasis!

Lesson #1: Introduction to Clutter Busting: How to Break Free From Clutter in 15 Minutes a Day

In this call you'll learn the fundamental principles of clutter busting to get you ready and raring for the weeks ahead. **BONUS: Bathroom and Kitchen Blitzing: How 15 minutes a day is all you need to MASTER household cleaning and literally change your life! During this series of 5 teleseminars, Vanessa will address the most common trouble zones and solutions for handling them. These calls are LOADED with tips, tricks and great ideas to get you controlling your clutter and your life!! Bring a pen and paper because you won't want to miss a minute of these calls!


Lesson #2: Your Clutter Free Kitchen: The Heart of Health and Abundance in the Home

Do you have a Tupperware crisis? Something died in the fridge and you still haven't buried it? Can you find your countertop? After this call, you'll be rolling up your sleeves and getting ready to tackle all your kitchen clutter zones and have a kitchen worthy of a surprise visit from your mother.


Lesson #3: Your Bedroom: A Peaceful Oasis for Sleep, Dreams, and Romance!

In this call with Vanessa, you'll get those dust bunnies out from under the bed, ditch the granny underpants you've been hanging on to since high school and find out why your bedroom should not be the dumping ground for laundry and unfinished knitting projects. Once you've done that, my dear, you'll be able to start making a lot more room for romance.


Lesson #4: Clutter Free Closets! Let Go Of Wasted Space and "Someday Maybe" Clothes

No more oversized t-shirts and jeans you wore when you were 16! Finally get that closet to be a colorful, organized and peaceful expression of your style, sophistication and personality. You can finally stop busting zippers on your prom dresses and teen jeans and get a few clothes that flatter those gorgeous curves instead!

Lesson #5: Final Q&A: Your Clutter Free Questions Answered!

The Grande Finale. This is your chance to ask Vanessa all the questions you may not have had answered throughout the program until now. You'll also get some very helpful tips and tricks for handling your home mail center, recycling, and other nooks and crannies we might not have covered in the rest of the program.

body enlightenment declutter program journalYour Plan & Personal Journal

  • Review your general well-being and set targets for the month ahead.
  • Reminders to prioritize your targets and reach your goals.
  • The perfect place to vent your frustrations or reflect on your progress and share and celebrate your success.


Your Community: The Key to Making Lasting Change & Inspiration

women support
  • Benefit from the wisdom and experience of other participants.
  • Share tips, recipe and meal planning ideas.
  • Get the support you need to help you through challenging parts of your journey.
  • Support others and celebrate the success of other participants.
  • Become part of a close network of remarkable people united by a common goal and success system.
  • Get access to additional articles, inspirational posts, pictures and before and after stories of other participants!

Daily Inspiration to Keep Your Thoughts Clutter Free and Positive

  • Get the daily dose of self-love you need to keep your glow!
  • Build your attitude of gratitude and smile no matter what side of the bed you wake up on.
  • Your "BE Attitudes" will put a smile on your face, hope in your heart and kick start your day on the right foot.
  • You'll get into a daily routine of telling yourself beautiful things, and BELIEVING IT!  
  • These are the key to keeping your attitude positive, inspired and focused on results.


 raw detox menu plannerAn Optional Cleansing Protocol for Your    30-Day Be Clean Makeover

There's no point cleaning up your cupboards and your closets and not  taking this opportunity to clear up your diet as well!

To help maximize your clean and green effects, we're including a complete menu planner for this program! You'll love our raw and whole food suggestions and they're sure to give you more energy, better sleep and a healthier body while you busily declutter your nooks and crannies!

"I Hung On to That Shirt for 44 Years! Until..."

clutter busting program with body enlightenmentIt was 1968 and I was fresh out of college and new to L.A and California. With youthful high hopes for myself I went shopping for a new West Coast look. At Judy's, a very popular clothing store at the time, I found THE cutest top ever!! I brought it home. What had seemed so cute on the hanger didn't look that cute on me.  I looked at the top alot, but just couldn't find the appropriate time, the right event at which to wear it. It sat in my drawer...SO cute...but unworn. They say if you haven't worn something in a year you should get rid of it. I loved my little I tried it on once a year, partly to say I had worn it that year, and partly to see if it looked any better on me. It never did. Still I kept the hope that someday, when I took it out for its annual try on, it would look marvelous on me.

Fast forward to 2012. I still own the top. It's been 44 years. I still try it on once a year. That should tell you something about my personality. I have a hard time getting rid of things...especially clothes. I have my own things to deal with...and I have the personal possessions of my deceased parents to deal with. That's a lot of stuff. I just can't seem to see myself parting company with my stuff and the stuff of my parents. I have sought help from a lifestyle coach, a therapist, friends. Nothing got me moving towards decluttering....UNTIL.........

...Quite by chance a friend told me about Vanessa Stewart. "She is so nice and I truly believe she can help you." said my friend. I was very skeptical. When I discovered that this was to be a "distance decluttering", consisting of teleseminars and phone calls with Vanessa I was even more skeptical. How could someone help me long distance? I took a chance, contacted Vanessa and I haven't looked back since. Her kind encouragement and supportive, nurturing personality made it easy for me to start ridding myself of things that no longer...( or never) served me.

Her praise for my accomplishments, no matter how small, helped me stay on task and to begin to part with my clutter, slowly at first...and then faster as time went on. I have almost finished decluttering the house I live in and am looking forward, with excitement, to working on decluttering the house my parents lived in for many years. I see a bright light at the end of my clutter tunnel.....and ...miraculously...I have let go of the 44 year old shirt!! Someone else will look great in it!

Thank you Vanessa!

"The Guilt is Gone! My Things are Organized!"

clutter busting program with body enlightenmentHey there Vanessa,

I have to tell ya, you have the patience of JOBE! Thank you for being so patient with me.

"You are one of the best people I have ever worked with on a "organizing type" project. Your Clutter Free program was just an excellent experience for me personally, and for the way my home now looks & feels.


Your webinars were soooooooooooo interesting and practical.   All the information in them were basic ideas, but so informative and creative for helping to create a "clutter-free" home or environment! And, the great part,  was that I could listen to them anytime it was convenient for me.   Love that!

Professional Experience:

You have to be one of the most kind, considerate, caring, enthusiastic and passionate people, who truly loves to help people get organized and feel better about it afterwards. You have the skill, to draw people in, to want to listen to you, want to talk with you and want to do what they're supposed to do, within the timeframe allotted.   And, if they don't get it done, you have such a nice disposition about yourself, where you don't make your client feel badly about it, but encouraging that they will get it done whey they can. You also have the ability to turn your client's relationship into a friendship because you're just so friendly.  You are outstanding at what you do! The compliments you give to your clients after they accomplish that you have requested, is so helpful and encouraging.


I ended up organizing my home office (going through every drawer, file cabinet, etc) and it felt so good afterwards. My desk was so cluttered, you could not see the bottom of it. I was able to organize my closet and weed through a fair number of clothes/shoes, belts, etc., and get rid of items that I would have probably kept a lot longer than I did, so it was a great feeling.

This last project, I organized all my jewelry by laying out on dark blankets, all my necklaces, earrings, bracelets, rings and pins and taking photos of them and putting the photos in a book and writing descriptions of every piece of jewelry, so I can then have this information for insurance purposes and to know what I have and the value of my jewelry. This has been a very rewarding project too, to make me feel better about the possibility of something happening to my jewelry.

I have soooooooo enjoyed working with you and would recommend your services to anyone needing to "get organized" and "clutter-free". You make one feel sooo much better about their home, their space, and the guilt-free feeling b/c I don't have all this work just waiting for me to do it "when I get around to doing it".

Thank you for the opportunity of being one of your clients.
You're outstanding at what you do, Vanessa!

M. M.

Your Money Back Guarantee!

clutter free program

If you're concerned about spending money on this program, stop and consider this:

  • You'll save money and probably find a lot as you go through your things!
  • You'll stop wasting money on items you already have, but can't find.
  • You'll save money on extra storage space.
  • You may find items you needed but forgot you had.
  • You'll finally be able to find and pay your bills on time.
  • You'll eliminate misplaced checks or cash.

This program will pay for itself 100 times over!

IF you don't feel like this program was worth EVERY penny you spent, we'll happily refund your purchase before the end of the 2nd week of the program! Invest now in sorting out your clutter and you just might find some lost checks or gift cards, or sell your clutter in a garage sale, or make a fortune off an antique you didn't even know you had!

Check out these before and after shots
from our past participants:

clean out your clutter and feel amazing


clean out your clutter and feel amazing


clean out your clutter and feel amazing


clean out your clutter and feel amazing


Make The Decision TODAY to Break Free From Clutter and Have More Energy, Better Health and Confidence Than Ever Before!

Hurry -- NEW Program begins March 20th!



In this 30 Day Clutter Busting program you will:

  • live a more spacious, clutter free, happier life!
  • always be ready for visitors, have time to play with the kids, and more time for YOU to relax!
  • have the power to let go of items that are no longer useful or beautiful to you.
  • have more time, more energy, more space and even more money!
  • have a brighter, lighter attitude about your home and life!
  • spend less money by knowing what you have, and buy only what you need. There will be less to maintain, clean, store and move!
  • feel more freedom from the restrictions of clutter and the possessions that possess you. (No more burdens from the past or any need to hoard for the future!)
  • have a release from stuck energy, find more breathing space and room to move!
  • finally start living the life you WANT!

***Register Today***
Program begins March 20th


One payment of $297
You save $33!



3 monthly payments of



Cheers to clean spaces and clear thoughts,

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