Are your "beauty" products causing early aging and damaged skin?

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teraFrom: Tera Warner, founder of Body Enlightenment

Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Greetings, Gorgeous!

Have you ever noticed that the women wearing the most foundation and make-up also tend to have the worst skin?

This is not a coincidence!!!

All those powder puffs, perfumed potions, carcinogenic creams and so called "beauty" products contain a toxic soup of chemicals, waxes and petroleum products that block pores, suck moisture and cause premature aging!


Here's Something You May Find Surprising:

"89 percent of the ingredients used in personal care products
have not been evaluated for safety!"

-Environmental Working Group (EWG)


That means all those pretty packages and sweet smelling syrups you've been gooping on your skin are LOADED with untested, unknown, unsafe chemicals!! The Environmental Working Group (EWG) has tested 7,500 beauty products and found that 80 percent of them contained 146 chemicals linked to cancer.

Check out this ingredient list from a $495 bottle of cream:

cream container ingredients

Millions Of Dollars of Advertising are Spent to Convince Women That They Should Put These Ingredients On Their Skin!

natural beauty makeover get off toxic cosmetics
(And NO ONE is Regulating Their Safety!)

Most women in America are bombarded by an average of 3000 advertisements per day, and will spend three YEARS' worth of their lives watching advertisements.

These advertisements tell you you're too fat, too flat, too round, too pointy-nosed, too crooked, too lumpy, too frumpy, too wrinkley, too wirey, too white, too tired, too wet, too dry, too smelly, too shy...

...and that their product will help fill the void!

natural beauty makeover get off toxic beauty products

"Advertisers will never voluntarily change, because it is profitable
for them when we feel terrible about ourselves."
-Jean Kilbourne

What if your night cream could sooth your nerves?
What if your morning moisturizer could heal your scars?

Get back your gorgeous, natural glow at any age!
It IS possible to look years younger, feel more radiant, healthy and beautiful than ever before!?!

Check out the results of people who dropped the toxic cosmetics and took the path of all natural, plant-based beauty products:

Here's How our 30-Day BE Beauty Makeover Works:

A 7-Day Preparation Week:

Your program will begin with a 7-day preparation week where you will have the chance to get acquainted with other participants on the program, familiarize yourself with the community platform, and access some of your initial program materials before things begin.

You will have a week to transition yourself to our beauty-based food regime, and avoid harsh cleansing reactions by using the week to gently transition.

  • You have an entire week to gently transition to the meal plan of your choice
  • Receive the program materials with step-by-step instructions to help you get through easily
  • Establish your successful routine for the 30-day program
  • Get acquainted with other participants in the BE Community area
  • Feel revved up and ready for the program to begin and your entire life to change!

Here's What You'll Learn During Your 30-Day BE Beauty Natural Beauty Makeover:

Meet Your BE Beauty Experts:


Read What Else You'll Get When You Sign Up:

Let your true beauty shine through, 

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