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Simple Raw Food Recipes You Can Make In 5 Minutes That Are Guaranteed to Knock The Socks Off Even The Fussiest
Cooked Food Eaters

alive-in-5-coverDear Health Food Enthusiast,

Starting out on a healthy diet like the "Raw Food Diet" can be intimidating at first. All the strange new ingredients, equipment and things to learn. You might be wondering how you can start to replace all those cooked food classics you've come to know and love with a bunch of raw fruits and vegetables?

"Am I going to be eating smoothies and salads for the rest of my life?"

Chin up, Sunshine!

Meet Angela Elliott. As a certified chef, nutritionist, loving wife and mother, Angela has done a fair number of kitchen experiments and you'll be delighted to know that some of the very best crowd pleasers she's ever created are also the simplest, fastest recipes to make.

Healthy eating doesn't have to be labor-intensive or complicated to taste AMAZING and Angela Elliott proves it page after page in her first published book, "Alive in 5".

  • Learn how to make raw lasagna in 5 minutes or less!
  • Make spaghetti marinara in minutes!
  • Prepare stuffed mushrooms and broccoli in cheese sauce in less time than it takes to wash the dishes after.
  • Impress your guests with the healthiest decadent whipped cream and strawberries, chocolate shake, and good ol' fashion apple pie they've ever tried!
  • All recipes use easy-to-find ingredients!
  • No fancy equipment necessary--just a blender and food processor.
  • And since there are no sticky, grimy, greasy pots or pans to clean, dishes wash in minutes, too!

No one has time, anymore to slave over the stove and even if you did have the time, wouldn't you rather spend it with your feet up sipping on patio drinks?

Angela Elliott's Book, Alive in 5, is a must for your recipe collection. You will definitely want to take advantage of this special offer today!!! When you purchase Angela's book, we'll add three AMAZING bonuses worth over $35 for an additional $10 ONLY!!!

Angela's book: Alive in 5

Angela Elliott's Raw Food Recipe Book "Alive In 5" is Loaded with Easy To Make Recipes That Literally Take Only 5 Minutes to Prepare! This book was not designed for "raw foodists" but people who want healthy, easy recipes in a flash. It's just a bonus that all the recipes happen to be completely raw!

Even if you do already have Angela's book, it's a PERFECT gift to give to anyone you'd like to introduce to a healthier lifestyle!

Regular Price: $14.95

**Special Nut-free Note**

Many of Angela's recipes are NUT FREE!! Helping allergic or nut-sensitive people find more accessible raw food options is very important to Angela!

When you order Angela Elliott's recipe book Alive in 5 we'll include the following bonuses for FREE!

Raw Food Basics, with Angela

Girls Learns the Basic of Food JugglingFind out the necessities on how to shop, stock your cupboards and prep your kitchen for Raw Food. You'll learn tips on how to make easy, simple recipes for your family. Crowd pleaser recipes included!

Learn what NOT to spend your money on when starting off on raw foods.

Save hundreds of dollars and hours with Angela's efficient kitchen tricks.

Learn the secrets of a seasoned chef when it comes to making tasty raw foods that EVERYONE will love!

A Mexican Fiesta, with Angela

Avocados and Guacamole Make the the World Go 'round!!In this recorded teleseminar, you'll learn the very best secrets for putting on a Mexican fiesta that will knock the socks off your guests.

These incredible recipes are guaranteed crowd pleasers. Join Angela in this festive call and bring notes!

All recipes will be provided by email, but this call is loaded with helpful tips and suggestions for more playful raw food adventurers.

Zany Salads and Wild Dressings with Angela

Colorful Fruit SaladA Salad is NOT just a "salad" when Angela's on kitchen duty. Tune in for this incredible call with Angela and learn her very best tricks and tips for how to store greens, choose them, and prepare them for the most amazing salads ever.

Also, sit back with a pen and paper and take notes for some inspirational salad dressing ideas, too! Iceberg lettuce and sliced tomatoes are SO yesterday!


So, you can see, with this line up you'll be well on your way with everything you need to know to get you feeling confident in the kitchen, stocked with secret ingredients and feeling and looking healthier than ever.


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