The 7 Day Diva Detox

"There is no pleasure in life equal to that of the conquest of a vicious habit."
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7 Day Diva Detox

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When do I get my materials for the detox?

You can access all the Detox Materials on the main download page found HERE.

What am I going to eat?

We’ve received questions from people who are worried that they’ll eat too much fruit, too many vegetables, not enough fat, too much fat… Many of you have expressed concerns that the food we recommend might be too hard to find or cost too much money. And to all this, we just want to say…

You’re in charge of the show, here, not us. 

This is your detox and your body. We’re here to support you, give you some gorgeous planners and cheerful support. We’ll provide the means by which we can all come together, but the rest of this is up to you.

If you'd really like additional support above and beyond what we're providing for free, you can check out the Complete 7 Day Detox Menu Planner we've put together for only $12.95!

If you are going to brave it alone, then remember this:

This is a “detox” program, and so we will be keeping it VERY simple. 

Just choose whatever is in season, fresh, ripe and affordable. We’ve given you some guidelines and recommendations, but this is not a recipe-based program and we strongly discourage the use of complicated recipes. We will explain much more about that in your detox guide.

I would like to know if you assume we have blenders, dehydrators and Cuisinarts?

Nope. Not at all. If you have a blender, things will be more interesting. 

There's no question we think the Blendtec is the best blender you can get. If you do have one, you're in for a treat, because you'll have much "SMOOTHER" smoothies and a whole lot of fun. If not, you can get away with a decent blender that will crush ice.

If you're due for a bit of personal pampering or retail therapy, then Blendtec should be put on the top of your treat list!! You can't go wrong with this gem.

You might be surprised to know that we often go weeks without using our blenders, sticking to more crunchy veggies, salads and sprouts instead. 

As for dehydrators, juicers, etc.; none of our recipes or suggestions for the detox requires anything more elaborate than a blender.

Is it possible to go at this on a gradient?

I will refer you to the preparatory article that we put out in our Health in High Heels Newsletter to give you some great suggestions for how to prepare for a raw food detox program and start getting you on that gradient.

About diabetes, hypoglycemia, hyperglycemia, candida, cancer, and any other medical conditions including anorexia.

We’re the Raw “Divas”, not the raw doctors, and while we would love to give you advice, we cannot because it wouldn’t be legal or ethical. What we can suggest is that you get on The Powder Room, our community forum and speak to others who may have had these conditions and overcame them.

With nearly 3000 women around the world who have taken the 7 Day Detox, there are sure to be some answers out there for you to get started on your way!

It is very important to work with a medical professional if you have serious health conditions, however. Finding a supportive and open-minded doctor can be a challenge, but is a worthwhile endeavor.

I am not clear on how long items can be kept. I would like to make Green Smoothies in the morning and take them to work. It would even be great if I could make them the night before. I have read they need to be consumed immediately and it is ok an hour or two later but then they become toxic. I am not clear on this and tend to only make juice/smoothies when they can be consumed immediately.

This is a great question. We often make Green Smoothies in the morning and let them sit and get thick in the fridge. Smoothies the next day are still fine. 

Green puddings are AWESOME left to sit in the fridge. Yum!

Hey, we’re in this to feel better, have MORE energy and make life easier. The last thing you should be worried about is eating your smoothie 4 hours after you make it... or 14 hours, for that matter!

It’s already a perfectly marvelous thing that you are preparing yourself smoothies, and it can’t be worse than a turkey and cheese sandwich from the diner next to your office.

Sure, it’s a compromise from what is “ideal” but it’s really not any more “toxic” than worrying about it. The point is, do they still taste good? If so, enjoy them and good for you for being organized and preparing them in advance rather than not at all!

How do I simplify meal preparation so that I won’t get discouraged? I just want to simplify my life!

You’re in luck! That’s exactly what this detox is all about. Remember, this is a “detox” program. This is not a program designed to get you on the raw food diet, or turn you into a raw foodist. If you want a full support program to really help you implement the tools that will enable you to make this a lifestyle, you’ll want to join the hundreds of women who have participated in our 30 Day Body Enlightenment System.

For the duration of this 7 Day Detox, we will be keeping things EXTREMELY simple, and giving you the tools you need to maintain that simplicity for the long term if you would like to. Again, if you need a bit of extra support for menu ideas during this detox, check out the optional detox menu planner!

Do I have to give up coffee? Red Wine? Chocolate? These are my main 3 "coping mechanisms" in life!

You don’t “have to” do anything. Everything you do as part of this detox is your choice. What we do say is that coffee, red wine and chocolate contain “toxins” and this is a “detox” so, naturally, you might want to avoid them during the program.

We understand that until now, these may have been your preferred “coping mechanisms.” However, what if by avoiding these things for 7 days, you realized that you are perfectly and completely able to “cope” on your own?

These coping mechanisms are actually a barrier that you put up between you and whatever it is that you’re trying to cope with. The next step would be to confront your situation and experience the liberation that comes with doing so.

You’ve signed up to this program for a reason, right? 

What are you willing to do to get the results you want? 

Are you willing to embrace change and what discoveries are waiting for you on the other side of the gorge once you decide to leap across it?

The game is yours to play, and we are here to support you in your adventure as much as we can! We have put together a powerful program designed specifically to help you handle Cravings and Emotional Eating!

After the detox, if you are looking for some fabulous guilt free raw recipes, check out: Have Your Cake and Eat it Too.

Concerned about getting bored with too much raw food? For instance, how can you make a good curry with raw food?

Well, there are people who do all kinds of amazing things with raw food and replace old cooked food recipes with raw ones. But that's not what we're trying to do here. Especially not in a detox.

Our goal is to approach a simpler, healthier way of eating. Most of us suffer from stimulation addiction. 

While your body is processing a “good cooked curry” it cannot send vibrant energy pulsing through every nook and cranny of your body. And while you’re cooking and cleaning the pots from your “good curry” you’re not snuggling with a loved one, or chasing butterflies in a park.

It’s all a question of personal choice. You’re here for an adventure. The curry will still be there when you’re done. At which point, you may just be willing to reassess the “goodness” of said curry.

After the detox, if you still need some inspiration for your raw food diet, please feel free to check out these great links ...

Angela Elliot is our in-house chef and has a great book Alive in 5 that is packed full of healthy, raw dishes that are quick and easy to make.

We've also put together some of our easy, raw food recipes from past issues of our Health In High Heels newsletter. 

What about nursing or pregnant women?

Drastic diet changes are never recommended for nursing or pregnant mothers. Although we strongly encourage moms and moms-to-be to switch to a healthy raw lifestyle for the health of themselves and their loved ones, it can be dangerous to try to do a detox in this situation. Dr. Ritamarie said that Pregnant and Nursing Mothers should never do a detox. She explains that as you break down fats in the body during a detox, the toxins will be released, and some of these toxins will go to the baby. This will contaminate your breast milk as well as toxins will leave the body in any bodily fluid available. You can check out our nutritionist Monique Bastien and what she has to say about pregnancy and eating raw foods here!

There is also a lot of great information for Raw Moms and Moms To Be at

I'm a pretty serious athlete and am concerned about my nutritional requirements while I train and race. Is this detox going to provide me with enough calories and nutrients?

When founding Raw Diva Tera started the raw food diet, she was training for a marathon. Tera felt great running on raw. In fact, the best she's ever felt and the most easily she succeeded on the raw food diet was while she was running! You have nothing to worry about on raw, except having to deal with the jealousy of your fellow athletes as they watch your stats go through the roof. It can only get better! You can learn more here about The Secrets of the World's Top Raw and Vegan Athletes.

If my goal is 80% raw, what are my best choices for the other 20%? Steamed/sautéed veggies, rice, a little pasta? What about nibbles of chocolate?

Great question! And yes, you’re right. If you are going to eat cooked foods, then stick with those foods that most resemble their natural state. So, things like steamed veggies, potatoes, sweet potatoes are better for you than pizza, that’s for sure. In terms of the cereals and grains, rice is definitely the most allergy-friendly and easiest to digest.

The chocolate… well, if it’s just a nibble… ;-) You know best, but for the sake of the detox, I’d avoid it. I mean, the chocolate has always been there and will always be there after. What you don’t know is what your body feels like, how soft your skin can be and how much energy you have when you’re NOT eating that way.

It’s up to you, but be willing to push your comfort boundaries a bit because the thrill of victory awaits you on the other side.

For more information, we suggest you check out this past article on Cooked Food Compromises!

After the detox, if you are looking for some fabulous guilt free raw recipes, check out: Have Your Cake and Eat It Too!

I know I need a complete program that includes planning, shopping, preparation, and breaks it all down into doable steps or it will be difficult to stay successful. Will the detox provide me with all of these things?

For a comprehensive program like that, you need the Body Enlightenment System

It’s a 30 Day Program that does EXACTLY that, and is designed to really help people embrace the raw food lifestyle for the long term. As we mentioned above, you can always purchase our Complete menu for the 7 Day Detox, if you're just looking for specific guidance and ideas through the 7 day program.

We are eating just fruits and veggies? What protein are we going to put into this?

Protein! Protein! Protein! We say it almost robotically as though we actually know what we’re talking about.

Sweet fruit averages about 4-8% protein
Leafy greens and veggies are about 15 to 20% protein
Sprouts are up to 35% protein

These days, most people suffer from protein overdose, resulting in many of our modern day maladies. If you’re interested in reading more on the subject, The China Study by Colin Campbell is quite informative.

The truth is, when we get into debates about nutrients, we begin intellectualizing what could be a very natural process instead of just observing how our body actually responds to the dietary changes we put in place.

Consider foods in their natural state and ask yourself if you’re naturally attracted to them. Observe your body’s health indicators and keep your own counsel. As far as we are concerned there is more than ample protein in the raw food diet.

Do I have to start juicing again?

No. Not at all. As stated earlier, you don’t “have” to do anything, but for the duration of our detox, no juice recipes are being requested or promoted. In fact, for the duration of your human life you don’t ever have to juice again, if you don’t want to. It is all up to you!

The only juice you need to worry about is the one nature filled her rivers and springs with. If you have digestion or health issues, there are times when vegetable and green juices can be very therapeutic. We do suggest that fruit is definitely better off eaten as a whole food or in a green smoothie as the fiber helps to slow down the uptake of sugar into the blood stream.

Is it OK to consume small amounts of extra virgin olive oil on your salad? I use 1 Tablespoon for a huge bowl that normally feeds a family salad for dinner. I eat the whole bowl - that is my dinner.

You may decide to do so and feel fine, but the truth is that oils are refined products. All the tasty goodness and nifty nutrients that nature intended to serve these foods with has been stripped from them. So, it’s like a pure fat injection. It would be better to throw on some olives! A juicy mango can work wonders in place of fats and dressings too, and it won't slow down the detoxing effect in your body!

On the other hand…

To be moderate and reasonable, if you’re going to compare it to a burger and fries, and if that 1 Tablespoon of olive oil brings you profound gratification, then by all means, DO IT WITH ENTHUSIASM.

I mean, honestly, we can talk about acidity and nutrients until the cows come home, but your emotional state is having a major impact on the body’s acidity, too, so if you’re going to eat something that may not be “perfect” according to the laws of nature, then at least infuse it with love, good energy and enthusiasm.

I’d like to know about transitioning and increasing raw intake without blowing a gasket.

Whoa, Sista! Keep your gaskets on. This is about fun! This is about rediscovering the joys of fruit and veggies. This is NOT a deprivation experiment, and as soon as you think of it that way, you’re doomed.

You’re here for an adventure. The most colorful, juicy adventure you could imagine for yourself. Have fun, and keep those gaskets ON! Raw food is sexy, exciting, exhilarating.

Check out this article that we've written on transitioning to a raw food diet and keep your gaskets!!!

I've gotten started several million times - until about noon ... how do I finally DO it without failing???

Ahh… a true sister. We’ve all been there. Let us just tell you a little secret... nearly 3000 of our other fiery divas have looked up to the stars and asked themselves the same question.

The goal is progression, not perfection. You'll get there, but allow yourself grace and time to learn and stumble along the path a bit. We have so many tools, but for long term success the best is becoming a member of The Body Enlightenment System and getting the support, advice and encouragement to guide you through your journey.

Will we be required or encouraged to purchase a lot of supplements to facilitate this program?


No dehydrated swamp water
No dehydrated-reconstituted green vegetables
No miracle potions or “super” foods

Just happy, crunchy, juicy fresh fruits and vegetables!

I have a tendency for dry skin and the skin on my hand palms & fingers gets very cracked when I don't eat enough fat. Still, I do feel good with not too many nuts etc. It's as if my stomach doesn't crave that much fat, but my skin does...

Well, we recommend you get in touch with our in-house esthetician for some support. You can catch her weekly contributions to our newsletter and by visiting the Blog and looking up the entries on beauty and body care!!!

Though we restrict it for the duration of the 7 Day Diva Detox, it is important to make sure you include healthy fat into your diet for proper cell development, after the detox ends.

Does age make a difference? I am 70 but have no major health problems.

No. We don’t see why age would make any difference. Each of us will just be choosing the fruits and vegetables we’re most attracted to for a week. No age restrictions apply.

Do we need to take vitamins on a daily basis when you’re not detoxing the body?

We want to be very careful answering questions like this, because we are not doctors or nutritionists. All we can do is tell you what works from our perspective and experience, and encourage you to get in communication with others to find out what they think too. Ultimately, you have to use your body, your energy, and your health indicators to determine your health requirements.

Of course, going for a complete medical examination would be a good idea, to check if perhaps you’re running any deficiencies. We’ve never been tempted to take vitamins, as we believe the potential is great to upset the natural balance of what’s going on inside.

Nature did a great job of making the vitamins and minerals in fruits and vegetables very easy to assimilate. Trust the process, start the journey, and see where it brings you - one day at a time.

I have a problem of feeling hungry on the detox and overeating once I come off the detox. The other programs I used were with powders.

If you stick with mono-fruit meals when coming off of your fast, you will be less likely to overeat. You can also check out this article on overeating to help you as well. The key is to make sure you're eating enough throughout this experience! Except for a short period of time while fasting, you should never feel hunger on the detox. This is not about deprivation, it is about fueling your body with the best nature has to offer.

I’ve heard that bean sprouts are slightly toxic and can only be eaten sparingly. Is this true?

In the reading that we have done, this has been found to not be true unless one is eating varieties that are not considered edible (such as ornamental sweet peas or a type of chickpea used in India that isn’t actually a chick pea at all). The only common bean we use in North America that I know should never be eaten raw (sprouted or otherwise) is the Kidney Bean. More information can be found at where she has placed a nice succinct outline of the controversy you have mentioned, along with a list of scientific sources.

Will you be selling any raw food products?

Well, what would you like us to sell? We’re most passionate about selling programs and services over products. We’ve got some cool diva products lined up for the assembly line, but if there are things you’d like us to provide, just let us know and we’ll be happy to look into it!

Is it OK to peel a banana or other fruit and pop into the freezer so it feels like a treat? You know, like you are eating ice cream, which I miss. Or am I killing off the live enzymes by doing so and now am eating a "dead" food?

Girl, it’s not only okay, it’s like the IDEAL comfort food replacement for that old, sugary, fatty ice cream binge! Don’t let those hard core raw food Nazis get at you. Have fun! I mean, if you’re eating frozen fruit every meal of the day for 6 months, you might run into some problems, but if you're using this to replace your old abomination favorites, it’s all a matter of perspective.

Pop onto the forum and you’ll find a whole bunch of raw ice cream loving sistas just like you, and some super-inspiring recipes to go along with it.

Frozen fruit definitely comes in second to fresh, but frozen is definitely better than canned, or no fruit at all - and it is certainly a better pick than ice cream. If you miss ice cream and frozen fruit helps you handle that emotional tie, then by all means, enjoy!

So I guess that means all my nicotine, alcohol and caffeine is stopped on Saturday evening, correct? Boy, am I gonna be smoke with a cuppa joe over the Sunday paper: (...gotta find/make new habits quick!)

You ROCK!! Thanks for being real with us! Honestly, you are an inspiration, because you’re so willing to embrace the transition. I hope you discover some marvelous new habits and if you need any suggestions, don’t hesitate to pop on the forum or let us know! Our one bit of advice on this topic would be to consider tapering off on some of these habits before the big day, but this is all a matter of preference in the end!

Can I become "too skinny" on this diet resulting in no menstrual period? (I have been eating raw food only for 2 months, and I have not had a period in over a year. I thought they might start back up, but I'm afraid I do not have enough fat.)

Oooh! We love talking about menstrual cycles! Here's a special comment from Tera:

"Every time I get my menstrual cycle it is immediately proceeded by a fat binge. I’ll just dive into a jar of almond butter or something like that and POOF! Next day like magic the creation fairy pays me a visit!

While a cooked food eater I had all kinds of menstrual difficulties and irregularities. I’m very regular now, but with light, light flow."

Why don’t you experiment with a bit more fat and see what happens? Use to track your calories and make sure you’re getting ENOUGH food. Sometimes the problem is simply a lack of calories. You can get those from fruit, too. Just make sure you’re eating enough, and if you're concerned, you may wish to seek medical advice.

If we want smoothies all day one day, is that cool?

That’s totally cool. In fact, that is what our Green Smoothie Queen 3 Day Challenge is all about! Just don’t do it every single day, because you’re body needs to chew stuff. It’s important for the health of all those powerful jaw muscles and your entire digestive system! Chewing is good.

Chomp! Crunch! Chomp!

Just a note on that… you should all be “chewing” your smoothies when you eat them. Just don’t grind your teeth when you do it… Sometimes it is nice to leave your greens a little on the chunky side in the smoothie to make sure you get in the habit of chewing it. This gets the saliva going and the body into digestion mode.

What should I start with each day after the water fast?

In our detox guide we recommend a simple mono-fruit meal or a green smoothie.

Is there a doctor I can go to who would understand the raw food diet, such as a "raw" gynecologist?

During one of our 90 Day Detox interviews we talked to Dr. Ritamarie. She is an enthusiastic promoter of the raw food diet and can answer your questions about health, disease and how raw food nutrition plays into the bigger picture.

The raw movement is definitely growing every day, so if you hear of other doctors interested in raw foods let us know and we’ll invite them for an interview!

About 2 years ago, I was on a raw food diet for 8 months and I had no energy. I only lost 7 lbs. What did I do wrong?

It would be impossible for us, or anyone to answer something like this, because we have no idea what you ate or what other factors were at play. All we can say is to inform yourself of the options, implement changes, and see what works for you.

For a comprehensive program which has had excellent results have a look at our Body Enlightenment System.  It's a 30 Day Program that is designed to really help people embrace the raw food lifestyle for the long term.

There were no peaches at my local organic healthy store so I bought peach juice. Is this an acceptable alternative for my smoothies?

Juice isn't a whole food. It's missing all the fiber, likely pasteurized and has been sitting on a shelf in a bottle for who knows how long. Can't compare apples and oranges and can't compare fresh food to bottled food. ;-) If peaches are not currently available, improvise with a different type of fruit!

Why no avocado on the menu to go in salads? Is it OK for my long days at work to bring a big salad with lots of raw veggies on it? Yesterday I put sprouts and all kinds of veggies on there just to make it through. Also-no raw almonds on the detox?

Because most people coming to this are consuming WAY too much fat, for one week, we want them to take fat completely off the menu. It's a detox. Not the standard raw food diet.

Most raw food eaters are fat addicts. We want to encourage more sweet vegetables, fruits, sprouts, etc and WAY less fat.

My friend in Annapolis and I are doing this together. We were told Lara Bars are all raw. True? But should we not have them on this detox?

Yup. It's true. Again, most of the ingredients are nuts and dried fruit. Not ideal foods for a detox - especially together. In your standard diet you may wish to use them once in a while. But we don't encourage it for a detox.

I bought what I thought I would need for almost the entire detox. I am hoping it will all stay fresh. What is the best way to keep veggies/fruits nice and fresh longer?

Well, I often keep my greens in a bag in the fridge. I keep some things in the fridge so they last longer. Some fruits freeze very well, too. If you're afraid of losing them, just chop and stick in a ziploc or other container and you can plunk them into smoothies at a later date.

What can we do to stave off cravings? What should we do if we feel hungry after eating the 6PM dinner meal?

Eat until you are no longer hungry. There’s no reason to starve yourself or feel hungry on this program. When 6:00 comes, just eat the fruit you are most attracted to. If you’re still hungry, well, eat more. Then just make sure you stay hydrated during the fast. Many people mistake dehydration with hunger.

In general with cravings we find that if you’ve got cravings for salty things, you’re not getting enough minerals. Up the vegetable quantity. Include more greens in your smoothies and snack on some vegetables. For more information see our blog article: Keeping the Salt in the Sea and Off Your Plate.

If you’re craving sugar try eating a few fresh dates and ensure that you are eating enough calories! Up the fruit consumption, but make sure you’re eating a lot of greens too! Too much fruit and only fruit is not good either.

If you’re craving a texture, your craving might be more emotional or habitual than anything. In this case, the best thing to do is observe your emotions and feelings around the craving and try to ride it out. This is especially true when you first stop eating a particular food. You start detoxing it and it can make you want it really badly. This generally passes in a few days at most and if you can just make the decision to ride it out for this one week, you might just find you are able to break that emotional reaction and the next time you experience something like that, it will be easier to recognize and deal with.

Again, for long term support and solutions, you'll definitely want to check out our program on Cravings and Emotional Eating.

During the 24-hour fast are we allowed to drink herbal tea with sweetener, or can we at least have water or what?

Honestly, this is such a marvelous opportunity for you to still yourself. Just go with water during the water fast. The tea and sweetener is just another distraction. Be still. Observe the process and detox. Remember, it's just 1 week and you might be amazed by what you uncover in yourself without all the distractions of your "normal" routines!

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