If You Feel Sick & Tired of Being Stuck in the Struggle to
Achieve Lasting Health, Happiness & Confidence
This Will Change Everything:


After 10 Years Helping Over 100,000 Women Around the World Improve Their Health, Relationships & Confidence,
I Finally Discovered What Was Really Holding Them Back!

(And the Truth Hit Me Like a Tonne of Bricks!)

tera warner total life detox

A Letter From Tera Warner

While sitting at my kitchen counter.
On a foggy day in July.

Montreal, Canada

Dear Smiling In the Face of Adversity,

If you are like most of the women I encounter, you've already spent a lot of time, money and attention looking for better health, happiness and more confidence in:

  • books, e-books, endless free downloads and PDFs
  • online programs, workshops, webinars and teleseminars
  • interviews, podcasts and online videos
  • cleanses, detoxes and health challenges
  • live workshops and trainings
  • special diets -- vegetarian, vegan, paleo, raw food, whole food, barely any food at all...
  • visits to doctors, naturopaths, acupuncturists, chiropractors, energetic healers and maybe even a few chakra-balancing spiritual gurus or two!

And chances are also pretty good, that they worked--for a little while.

Then life started to happen, old habits set in and before you knew what hit you, you were back on your butt feeling stuck again.

No matter how many times you thought you had the solution,
and it turned out to be another dead end,
this can be your point of no return.


I Figured Out Exactly What's Holding Women Back From the Health, Happiness & Confidence They Long For!

(Hint: It's not Rocky Road Ice Cream!)

I know with 100% certainty that what I am about to share can completely turn your life around and permanently! No matter how many times you've stumbled or even fallen flat on your face along the path to healthier, happier living.

I've watched women who lived stuck and stifled on a roller coaster their entire lives, unlock and unblock what was holding them back so fast it made me dizzy. They moved on to create their ideal relationships, pursue a career they loved, and finally start believing in themselves after just a few weeks, sometimes days of working together! 

The real issues holding women back have nothing to do with food, body size, financial wealth or wrinkled skin. 

When you help a woman solve the right problem, miracles happen.

  • Frustration and overwhelm turn to understanding and commitment.
  • Fear and anxiety became hope and optimism.
  • Distraction and procrastination turn into focus and productivity.
  • A lack of discipline can become an iron-clad commitment.
  • And self-sabotaging behaviours begin to melt away as a woman restores her belief in herself and in her potential.

How do I know? I've been there.

10 years ago, I hit rock bottom of a very ugly bucket.

About 10 years ago, I decided to move to live in the jungle of Costa Rica with my business (and life) partner at the time, and my two young children. While there, I became quite sick with some kind of a flu virus. This illness resulted in intense fever, massive fluid loss, eventually causing severe and life-threatening dehydration.

The symptoms of dehydration, when it reaches its most severe stage, include delirium and bouts of unconsciousness. The more dehydrated I became, the more confusing things got and eventually I was hospitalized and kept under unmedicated observation.

While in the hospital, my partner decided I was "crazy," and so made the decision to:

  • end our relationship.
  • kick me out of the company we both shared at the time.
  • inform me he had kept my name off the land titles for our property (they were in Spanish which he spoke it fluently, and I did not)
  • tell me I could not return back to our home.
  • inform all of our staff and friends that I was "crazy."
  • completely erase the contents of my computer.
  • leave my children at our home with hired staff.
  • leave the country! (But not before stopping for an all-you-can eat Greek buffet on his way out.)

When I was finally released from the hospital with the diagnosis of "extreme dehydration" the only people left standing by me at the time, were my mom and her friend, Val  (who flew in from Canada to Costa Rica to come and pick me up).

When I got back to Canada, I felt empty and confused and alone.

So many of the people and relationships and things I thought were important and that I had totally formed my identity around, were gone! It was like starting my life over from scratch.


My Life Exploded In My Face!
I Was Confused, Homeless, Jobless and Alone
When I Found The One Thing I Could Trust!

I picked up a pen and a paper and decided nothing was going to stand in the way of my ability to create a future I could be proud of. With a whole lot of guts and grit, I came out of that situation and built the business you see now.

It wasn't easy, and I was a little frazzled at first. But 10 years later, I've used that "guts and grit" to touch the lives of hundreds of thousands of women all over the world.

So many women write me still today from around the world to thank me for how they have made their lives better because of the work I've done. And I'm very grateful.

But it's not enough anymore...

I am very grateful for the thousands of letters I've received from the women whose lives were changed by the work that I have done, but more and more I can't stop wondering about the letters I didn't receive?

10 day total life detox

Here's what the research says:

Alan Deutschman in his book Change or Die, explored the widely-proven fact that when we are faced with the choice of whether or not to change the way we live, or die...

...90% of us will choose to die.

In spite of the fact that we have more information at our fingertips than ever before, we keep getting sicker and sadder and fatter.

The solutions, if we want them, are easy to find--healthy food, fitness plans, sleep tips and more self-help books than could ever be read in a lifetime. So why are 90% of us still getting stuck in a rut?

If You're in the 90% of People Who Keep Struggling To Achieve Lasting Health, Confidence & Happiness,

You're trying to solve the wrong problem!!

You've Been Given the Wrong Information,
So You're Trying to Solve the Wrong Problem and It Won't Work.
When You Solve the Right Problem, The Roller Coaster Stops!

10-day total life detoxThis Program Kicks Off July 31st!
Register Now!

Think about it:
If  90% of people "just can't figure things out" and 90% of people just don't seem to want to make it, then something MUST BE WRONG, VERY WRONG with the way we are trying to teach and help 90% of people!
Because 90% of good people, trying to make life better can't possibly be that wrong!!
As long as we have a system that profits off confusion, illness and struggle, these THREE BIG FACTORS are not being addressed:

If You Struggle to Improve Your Health, Happiness or Self-Confidence, Then No One Has Ever Helped  You Handle These Three Major Issues Dragging You Down:

(I know, because if they had, you wouldn't be here.) ;-)

Your Confidence:


If You Shut Up Instead of Stand Up for the Things You Believe In, You Will Never Achieve the Confidence You Need to Hold Up Under the Pressures of Life!

(And there are some SERIOUSLY intense pressures out there!)

You can chant self-love mantras until your tongue is numb, stock your shelves with the latest superfoods, create a personal library of self-help books and drown yourself daily in green juice and probiotic beverages.

But if you don't learn how to stand up for yourself, defend your goals, dreams, objectives and values, in the face of the fear of rejection and pressure, then you'll stay stuck in a rut and struggle to achieve lasting health.

Which doesn't mean you should go chopping off people's heads with your self-expression!! There's an art and a skill to standing your ground!

In this 10-Day Total Life Detox you're going to get the tools, inspiration and support you need to:

  • feel more confident expressing and holding your opinion without fear.
  • stop feeling so nervous around certain people.
  • worry less about what others think and finally start really listening to yourself.
  • stop holding yourself back from doing what you want or staying true to yourself because you're worried about offending or disappointing others.
  • start trusting yourself more and more!

Your Relationships


The Single Most Important Factor In Helping You Achieve Better Health, Self-Confidence & Certainty in Life Is the Rehabilitation of Your Ability to Communicate!

Communication doesn't mean talking endlessly. It doesn't even mean "speaking your mind" or "expressing yourself."

If you don't understand how communication works, the mechanics of it and the reasons why your communication (or lack of it) keeps getting you in trouble, or sparks off explosions in your relationships with certain people, you'll continue to surround yourself with frustration and stress and ending up right back on the rollercoast of unhappiness we're trying to get you off of!

90% of all medical visits are stress-induced. THIS is where "stress" comes from and we're going to handle it once and for all!

In this course we'll give you:

  • key insights into why some people are a lot easier to handle than others
  • tips and suggestions for improving your relationships with other people
  • the secret to effective communication with really stubborn people.
  • the three biggest factors causing your "buttons to get pushed" and how to stop it.
  • the fastest way to release yourself from relationship stress and start feeling happier and more confident than ever before.

Your Goals & Dreams for the Future:

picture future$#!t happens, but it doesn't mean you have to step in it! When the walls came tumbling down on my life 10 years ago, the one thing I had to grab on to was my belief in a future--my willingness to dream and paint the possibility of what life could be.

If you've been kicked around by life, it's easy to lose that sense of hope and optimism about the future. It's easy to be so weighed down by the burdens of the present or stuck to the pain of the past that the future is hard to see.

We'll help you:

  • complete a specific exercise that helps you untangle yourself from the past so you can see the possibilities in the future.
  • find out the secret to getting your goals and dreams back if you feel you've lost sight of them.
  • get the blocks off that keep you from bravely stating your goals with confidence!
  • feel hopeful, confident and excited about the future again!
  • the single viewpoint that will change everything about how you live and succeed in life.

We've Gotcha Covered:
We'll Make this Sure Total Life Detox Still Gives the Cleansing Food & Lifestyle Support You Need For a
Restorative Physical Cleanse, Too!

Good Fuel for Your Body:

nature nourish

Your Choice of 2 Menu Planners!
(Physician-Approved, Raw Food or Whole Food Menu Planners)

We'll provide you with two complete menu planner options during your detox. You can choose healthy raw food or whole food recipes for an entire week!

All recipes are:

    • nutritionist and doctor-approved.
    • use simple ingredients.
    • minimal kitchen equipment.
    • taste delicious enough the whole family will want to try.
    • easy to prepare! 

10-day detox menu planners


You will also be given the choice to have a fully raw food menu, or a whole food menu with cooked food options. Both menus planners are entirely plant-based.

While we do not make any claims that a plant-based diet is the "only" diet, or even the "right" diet for you, we do believe it is a perfectly acceptable diet for this 10-Day Total Life Detox!

Most people will benefit from a reduced amount of animal products during this time. If you have any concerns, we suggest you invest in a higher support version of the detox to ensure more customized support for your experience.

Create a Lifestyle & Space that Inspires You:

10-day total life detox

Find Out How Better Control of Your Space, Your Stuff & Your Time Can Go a Long Way to Improve Your Life!

There are reasons you keep getting stuck, slipping back or feeling frustrated with life. Once you get a few key principles under your belt, you won't keep feeling victim of life's circumstancesf and you'll start to slowly, consistently improve control.

  • Understand the biggest factor causing you overwhelm and contributing to clutter and a lack of control in your environment.
  • How to quickly and easily get rid of the toxins in your environment and personal care products without totally revamping your life.
  • Why the way you keep your stuff is a reflection of how you manage your thoughts and the fastest way to improve both!
  • The un-breakable rules of the universe which will either keep you broke and struggling, or breaking free and feeling prosperous.
  • The biggest reasons you hold yourself back and what to do to take the leashes off so you can live with more confidence, certainty and abundance than ever before.

And We Have Even More Awesome Resources to Support You During Your 10-Day Total Life Detox:

fitness and movement guide 10-day total life detox

 The Choice of Three Different Fitness Guides to Move You!

We want to move you and get you feeling fit and fabulous! The best way for us to get you moving is to ensure that the suggestions we provide work for ANY body type! This movement guide will inspire you to sweat, jiggle, wriggle, dance and get your gorgeous body moving! 


Health, History & Personal Toxicity Assessments With One of Our Executive Coaches
(FULL SUPPORT Options Only)

body enlightenment certified coaching programIf you come on board the "Deep Diver" or "Big Change Maker" Options for this program, you will be invited to complete health, history and personal toxicity assessments. After that you'll meet with one of our coaches to help you review the specific areas of concern and give you further suggestions and support during the program.

Upon your completion of the evaluation, one of our coaches will reach out to arrange a call and offer further guidance and support.

Community Support: Improve Your Chances of Success & Buddy Up With Other Detoxers for a Boost

7-day raw food detox whole food detox body enlightenment


To help further your success and increase the fun factor, we'll create a private community page where you and other participants of this 10-Day Total Life Detox will be able to share feedback, request additional support and even compare your success and struggles with one another! Feeling part of a community will boost your accountability factor and increase your chance of success ten fold at least.

You Can Start to Overcome A Lifetime of Struggle & Find Hope, Confidence, Courage and Happiness In Just a Few Days!

7-day fresh start detox

Choose One of These Three Versions of the
10-Day Total Life Detox to Guarantee Your Success:

(And Join Us on July 31st When We Begin!)

detox options total life detox


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payment plan)





Check Out a Few of the Success Letters
from Some of our Past Detox Graduates:

"I Lost 10 Pounds!"

First, I would just like to say BRAVO!!!! The detox literally changed my life. As I told you on the final call I lost 10 pounds...but that is not the kicker. I lost those 10 pounds during what would have been my PMS time. Usually I GAIN weight. Actually, I did not even realize I was PMSing because I did not have the usual symptoms. It sort of just snuck up on me, and that has not happened in years. I am not experiencing the debilitating tiredness either. I know without a doubt it is because of the detox.

After the detox I have continued to eat consciously. I know I will never go back to the way I was...I can't.

Many Hugs!

~ Pamela

"My Head Just Feels So Clear!"

Hi Tera,

This detox week has truly been life changing for me. I considered myself a healthy eater, but I never felt good. I had back pain, sinus problems and never really had great energy. I cannot believe that after just one week I could feel so different. I have been walking everyday with no pain. My head just feels so clear. I have been sleeping through the night which I didn't do before, and I have been remembering my dreams every night. After feeling this great you do not want to go back to eating the wrong kinds of food. This was an amazing experience for me. What a wonderful program you have created. You have given everyone who tries it, the gift of good health. Thank you so much.

~ Michelle


How would your life be different if you had the health, energy and positivity you desire?

Find Out & Join Us on July 31st
for the 10-Day Total Life Detox!


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Sign Up Today!
Unstick Yourself From Stress & Pressures of Life
to Create Lasting Health and Happiness!

If you don't, who will?

Love and new beginnings,

Read Below for Some of Our Previous Detox Graduate Success Stories:

"I feel much lighter and more energized."

altI feel so proud of myself for following thru on completing this detox. That in itself is a big accomplishment for me! I came on this detox to reset my immune system clearing out toxins there from all the illnesses I experienced this season. I love how you put all the pieces together of Loving yourself in this program. I feel much lighter, more energized after this detox and inspired to continue with more fruit and vegies in my diet. Thanks Tera and the support team and the community for your support and inspiration towards greater wellness and well being.

-- Carol Kraft


"I feel clearer, calmer and more organized!"

altI was feeling blocked emotionally and physically and I love Tera's celebratory flare. She can make a fast sound fun! haha. I was caught in a cycle of emotional eating, though generally healthful food, too much and too often.

I loved Tera's very visual support materials and the 4 day countdown with ideas for activities to bring me into a state of mindfulness. The recipes were awesome and have me inspired to move back in to a more whole food/raw lifestyle which I have benefited from in the past. I loved the Facebook community of people who kept it real and shared struggles, victory, and an attitude of gratitude, celebration and progress vs perfection. That REALLY helped me stay the course when my inner critic told me to fold because i just wasn't doing it perfectly. I feel amazed that I could do as much as I did and as well. I feel clearer, calmer, more organized. I think I look healthier and feel lighter. I managed to keep up a meditative practice each morning that also supported my experience. Thank you for this generous opportunity Tera. Many blessings on you for sharing your wisdom and keeping it real.

-- Jill C


"I lost 6 pounds, my skin is clearer, I have more energy"

altI participated in the detox initially to jump start my weight loss as I started on a lifestyle change. I was hesitant at first because I have a hard time with follow through and didn't think I could cut out certain foods and caffeine out of my daily life. Once I made it through the 24 hour fast, I got encouraged. The experience was life changing, I discovered a new way of eating and thinking. I never realized how much my eating habits were tied to ritualized eating and following everyone else. I also discovered that removing certain items from my diet wasn't that much of an effort. I did complete the 7 days without cheating or giving up. There was a lot of temptation at work and at home, it became easy to say no if it didn't fit my meal for the day. I lost 6 pounds, my skin is clearer, I have more energy. I feel lighter inside and out. I feel great!!

-- Iris Smith


"My life is forever improved because of it."

altBeing post menopausal and struggling with a sugar addiction I came to the 7 day detox to reset my body and my mind. The little niggly aches and pains and foggy thinking were grinding me to a slow and inevitable halt. I found, even though I was reasonably active and healthy, it was difficult to get out of bed in the mornings. Emotionally I was feeling I had NO point, physically my feet, knees, hips and neck were shouting, "pay attention!" I had participated in a water detox 5 years ago, so I had no apprehension with the raw food detox. But what I did not realize was that experiencing the detox in the way that Body Enlightenment has structured it, I would get so much more from it than a good old clean out. While I never felt alone or left to my own devices due to the inspirational and amazingly informative materials, daily emails and Facebook page. I in fact gained more from this experience DOING it for myself. Using the comprehensive menu planner and shopping lists, I set my meals for the week, shopped and enthusiastically prepared each meal, there by finding my own flow and rhythm never once feeling deprived, even when I attended a family Easter celebration and chose to stay on the detox. By being able to have the support just a button click away, but taking the responsibility as to what goes in my mouth, a week after completing the detox down the track I am still making decisions that support my better health. In fact it is helping me get out and about, engaging with my community, looking up, looking people in the eyes and being present in all my communications. I feel great in ways I did not even realize I was off kilter, like making quicker decisions and not getting overwhelmed with difficult news. And to top it all off my eyes have returned to green being brighter and clearer than they have been in years, Go Figure!?! I am so grateful to Tera and her amazing team, once again she has delivered more than she promised and my life is forever improved because of it. Thank you doesn't seem to say enough , with all the love, gratitude and a squeaky clean colon.

-- Jodie Lea Cleave


"I am so grateful to Tera and her amazing team."

altI have much more energy and I feel more confident. I really liked the facebook support group, it was useful and fun sharing experiences and seeing that I am not alone in my struggles. Thank you so much.

-- Dragana Dukic


My experience with detox and raw food was great, my energy was good, it was easy for me. I didn't suffer or struggle. My mind was entirely on the raw and detox during the week. The emails from other members were encouraging. Just thinking that other people around the world were doing the same during that week was great.

Life changing!
I felt it was what my body needed at this time, I was feeling sluggish and couldn't get past a sugar craving. It's gone and no longer drinking coffee. My body loved this and I feel SO much better with very little aches and pains! My skin is soft and youthful looking, I am 39 but feel like I'm in my 20's!! Ha :-)

One a scale of 1-10 I give it 11
so wonderful!!!!!! and brilliant and simple!!! i LOVE the ideas for getting through it from the guide, like wait for real hunger. that alone is HUGE.

Very informative and supportive - I LOVE the daily contact
It was a bit tough because I am not a lover of raw veggies, which really made it difficult around day 5. I made it through though and am looking forward to a healthier more balanced way of eating.

Great introduction for me at the level I was at. I only started transitioning into raw eating mid-July of this year. Noticed I was getting into nuts more. This was a good break. You have introduced a lot of great basic concepts. You've give enough material & thought out what people will need.

Awesome experience! Best detox I've ever done so far, I felt hungry but had so much energy regardless :)


"Everyday I feel myself gaining a lightness in my mood, my body, my mind, my experiences. And I have a 15 year old daughter so that's impressive!!"

I loved it! I have never felt better, my body responded well to raw foods and I believe that this is something I want to continue to do for the rest of my life. Thank you for this wonderful gift.

Excellent overall material that covered all the bases, such as stimulation addiction, the importance of water, and a simple guide to what to eat every day. It was so very helpful to get me accountable for 1 week and back on track!! Which was my main goal. But I learned so much more that I didn't expect along the way, especially about cravings and overeating (I ordered the divas guide to cravings and am so thankful!)

Amazing program, amazing results. To date I've released 6.5 of the hardest to budge pounds, I am totally enjoying eating a variety of fruits and vegies (and am now a green smoothie junkie!), and I'm am amazed at how in one week all the aches and pains that were nagging in my joints are gone!!!! AWESOME results!

Wonderful program. Thank you for sharing it. Losing 7lbs of water/bloating made me feel so much better and it gave me the motivation to start exercising.

I was absolutely impressed with the 7 day detox and with myself for being able to do the detoxing for seven days. I must admit the first three days were very trying and difficult . This is the best thing I've done for myself for a long time. I am now eating healthier, including one to two green smoothies daily and including a lot more raw foods to my diet.

I adored it, and I wish I could get a daily email from you Tera. Even though i haven't spoken directly to you, I feel so near to you. This felt like an intimate adventure with my own body. I honestly wish I could keep getting the encouraging emails!!!! So yes, I loved the detox.

It was such a wonderful, non complicated way for me to restore balance back in my life! It also got me back on track to a healthy lifestyle. I just found out I have stage 4 endometrosis and I refuse to take any chemical drugs to "balance" this disease. The detox was my first step to managing the disease through healthy food and living. THANK YOU!!!!


Toe Dipper

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Deep Diver

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Change Maker

natural oral health care products


I'm in! Let's Do It! Bring. It. On!
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